Translation of lake in Spanish:


lago, n.

Pronunciation /leɪk//leɪk/


  • 1

    lago masculine
    milk/wine lake excedentes de leche/vino masculine
    • go (and) jump in a lake! ¡vete a freír espárragos!
    • On the Continent the removal of the grain mountains and wine lakes is taken as meaning the system is working.
    • The system led to vast overproduction and the creation of so-called butter mountains and wine lakes.
    • Critics say it has resulted in the grotesque and immoral destruction of produce - those wine lakes and butter mountains - to keep prices artificially high.
    • The story is all the more remarkable when you take into account the size of Europe's wine lake and the stiff competition in today's crushingly crowded fine wine market.
    • The grape spirit market was in decline, too, so the EC wine lake was overflowing.
    • The European Union authorities have been keen to promote its use in place of sugar as a way of helping reduce the European wine lake.
    • I must visit the picturesque European wine lake region some time.
    • With its directives on the correct shape of fruit, production quotas, wine lakes and butter mountains the EU is baffling at the best of times.