Translation of lama in Spanish:


lama, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɑːmə//ˈlɑmə/


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    lama masculine
    • Puman was taken to India at the age of six to be trained as a Tibetan Buddhist lama, while his parents stayed in Taiwan.
    • The high-frequency sounds of the maraca have been used by American Indian shamans for healing and by Tibetan lamas to uplift the soul.
    • So the ceremony actually involved five monks - it involved a Sri Lankan monk, a Burmese monk, a Thai monk, a Tibetan lama and an Australian monk.
    • I told her the lamas I had been around were mostly non-drinkers.
    • For men, a middle name is given by the lama, a Buddhist holy man.
    • The Tibetan lamas were delighted with these donations and thanked us.
    • Venerable Lama Samten is one of the resident lamas at Karma Choeling Buddhist Monastery, Kaukapakapa, New Zealand.
    • Mongols sought the counsel and help of the lama (priest or monk) for every aspect of their life: migration, marriage, childbirth, disease, and death.
    • I remember my father and other members of the older generation of Tibetan lamas saying that they didn't blame the Communist Chinese for the destruction of Tibet.
    • Consequently, the great majority of Gelugpa lamas are monks and the master who is a layman is a rarity.
    • In 1717, the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi sent lamas to create a map of Tibet.
    • Ricard, himself a Buddhist lama, is the French translator for the Dalai Lama and has photographed life in Tibet and Nepal for 30 years.
    • She was very much like a Zen monk, or a lama, or my guru.
    • The Jewel Heart centers have a humanitarian wing that provides financial assistance to young Tibetan lamas at monasteries-in-exile in India.
    • There is quite an old tradition of married lamas, who can be just as revered as spiritual teachers as those who follow the monastic tradition.
    • No doubt, becoming a student involves finding an appropriate teacher, irrespective of whether that teacher is a bhante, lama, rinpoche, sensei or roshi.
    • Many lamas came to India as refugees around the time Khandro Rinpoche was born in 1967, and settled in the areas close to the borders of Tibet.
    • So he sent three lamas to my next course in Sarnath.
    • Inner Mongolia, like Tibet, is an Autonomous Region of China, and during the Cultural Revolution the Mongolian lamas were forbidden to practice their religion or wear their robes.
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