Translation of lamb in Spanish:


cordero, n.

Pronunciation /lam//læm/


  • 1

    (young sheep)
    cordero masculine
    (over one year old) borrego masculine
    he just stood there like a lamb se quedó allí como atontado
    • she took it like a lamb se lo tomó muy mansamente
    • They frequently kill chickens, ducks, and even lambs and piglets.
    • The buoyant trade also led to more ewe lambs being slaughtered rather than being retained for breeding.
    • Rumen's only source of income is from selling lambs and sheep.
    • They are often seen soaring in search of carrion, but their diet also includes young goats and lambs.
    • Have members ever seen a lamb or sheep die from flyblow?
    • The result is a nicely marked speckled faced ewe lamb with good confirmation and vigor.
    • Today, Merino wool is taken from sheep and lambs in Australia and New Zealand as well.
    • A total of 9,000 sheep and lambs were slaughtered.
    • In fact the realisation of how important copper is for development was discovered in copper deficient areas of Australia where sheep or lambs started to develop an ataxia.
    • Certainly, opening the American border to sheep and lambs should not be near as difficult as opening it to cattle, since, I repeat, sheep do not get BSE.
    • However, in some cases heavy losses occurred among recently shorn sheep and newly born lambs.
    • A baby lamb born weighing less than a bag of sugar has defied all the odds.
    • For the children a special attraction is the petting zoo allowing them to see and touch foals, piglets, lambs and chicks.
    • - People have made complaints on the program's website that heavily pregnant ewes and newborn lambs were mustered.
    • The newborn lambs are brought into the house when it's cold and fed by hand.
    • I have friends and acquaintances who are farmers and crofters, many of whom, in upland areas, depend on sheep and lambs for their livelihood.
    • We are told that dogs are presently loose in the fields at night, and are a danger to the sheep and their young lambs.
    • Sheep and lambs usually spend most of their lives outdoors, and generally get to eat a relatively natural and unadulterated diet.
    • A farmer has lost all his sheep, 300 lambs among them, shot by young men from Her Majesty's Armed Forces, whose sergeant had been reduced to hidden tears.
    • More than 90% of the sheep were marked as lambs, and all rams were individually identifiable.
  • 2

    cordero masculine
    • Grilled steak, pork roast, sautéed lamb chops, or roast chicken would make a perfect pairing.
    • I personally like the lamb cutlets, although they can be a little tough.
    • You need best end of neck lamb chops but don't over-trim them; leave a little fat on for flavour.
    • They're typically stuffed with a rice and meat mixture, but with lamb chops as the centerpiece, do I really want to do meat in the stuffing?
    • The roast lamb was a scrumptious mound of tender, smokey meat.
    • I recommend a light, acidic Beaujolais Villages as your wine partner to a lamb curry.
    • Main courses included roast beef, lamb and pork from the carvery, steak and kidney pie, poached chicken with mushroom and asparagus sauce and vegetable lasagne.
    • Bertie had to admit the lamb stew was the best he ever tasted.
    • Mr. Deacon said spring lamb prices will be set by the strong domestic market demand and scarce supplies.
    • Sundays would be the day that I properly cook something traditional like roast lamb.
    • This light, slightly racy red wine would match well with grilled meats, salmon, lamb or pork.
    • I dip a sprig of rosemary into the oil and place it over each lamb chop.
    • Yes, pork fat is higher in unsaturated fatty acids than beef, veal, or lamb fat.
    • William barks for them to shut up as he bites into a lamb shank.
    • Season the lamb with salt and pepper and add to the pan.
    • Sunday roasts - lamb, beef and pork - were available, as was half a roast chicken.
    • Use enough stock to just barely cover the lamb shanks.
    • I was preparing lamb chops, according to a recipe from Jamie's Dinners.
    • Forty per cent of Irish spring lamb, she says, is sold on the home market.
    • We'll cook roast lamb and potatoes and indulgent desserts and scoff the whole thing ourselves.
  • 3

    (as term of endearment)
    be a lamb and … sé bueno y …
    • the poor lamb's exhausted el pobrecito está rendido

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (ewe) parir
    • With ewes lambing now, lambs for slaughter are in short supply.
    • They took five of the ewes, and the others that hadn't lambed yet slipped their lambs from fright.
    • If the first few ewes lamb with poor milk supply - seek help and take action.
    • Ewes due to lamb, cows due to calve, ran terrified through fences.
    • I'd have to sell the sheep which would be very stressful for them because they are lambing.
    • The Department of Agriculture has requested well known animal nutritionist Dr John Milton to prepare an overview of strategies to feed pregnant and lambing ewes.
    • On Friday night last a sheep lambed and as he watched the little lambs struggle to find their footing under the careful supervision of their mother he thought how oblivious they were to the turbulent world they had just entered.
    • The RSPCA was the first agency to begin making a real difference to animal welfare problems when it became clear that thousands of ewes were lambing in appalling conditions, because of movement restrictions.
    • I should during the winter keep about 70 half bred ewes and after they have lambed in spring sell about 20, keeping the other 50 and feed the lambs to sell, getting the ewes fat after having sold the lambs, to sell also.
    • Instead, farmers are leaving a cluster of tussock in their paddocks, because they have found that ewes like to tuck under those tussocks at the time they are lambing.
    • Ewes that avoided the winter range, Wehausen found, lambed a month later than those that did not, and the snows and freezing temperatures took a heavy toll on lambs forced to overwinter on the mountaintops.
    • Tim Bennett, deputy president of the National Farmers' Union was in high level talks at MAFF yesterday to ask for restrictions on lambing ewes to be lifted.
    • The sheep are lambing at the moment and if you start moving them or stressing them out they abort and you have no lambs to show for it.
    • The lambs were nice and fat; Wehausen predicted that the female would be lambing by the next year.