Translation of lame duck in Spanish:

lame duck

fracaso, n.


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    fracaso masculine
    caso perdido masculine
    before noun a lame-duck company una compañía sin futuro
    • a lame-duck official un cero a la izquierda
    • a lame-duck president un presidente que no ha sido reelegido, en los últimos meses de su mandato
    • The phrase lame duck was being bandied about to describe the manager, though since he had banned all contact with the press, never in his earshot.
    • Once known as the Bulldozer, he increasingly looks like a lame duck instead.
    • The Department of Homeland Security, most observers agree, has been a lame duck, a victim of the rush of resources to Iraq.
    • There's too much excellent British comedy at the moment - League Of Gentlemen, Spaced, Cold Feet - to waste space in the schedules on what is, if not a Christmas turkey, then definitely a lame duck.
    • He would be a lame duck and he does not need that sort of hassle.
    • They simply cannot afford any more lame ducks in the camp.
    • Unless Merkel is able to swing a large percentage of Germany's 30% of undecided voters over to her side, the country could be saddled with a lame-duck government due to the complex nature of German coalition politics.
    • Kennett was out the door straight after the meeting, presumably wondering how his $5 million paper profit on that DCL shareholding turned into a lame duck.
    • When nationalised industries turned into lame ducks, as almost all of them did over the following decades, they were subsidised by the taxpayer, often through the sale of long-term bonds.
    • Subsidy need not be the same as propping up lame ducks.
    • One source close to RBOS told this newspaper the bank was not interested in buying a lame duck bank to further its ambitious strategy in the Irish market.
    • It was ever a lame duck, and throwing money at it to save votes and curry favour with trade unions was never going to work.
    • He was variously described as too old, a lame duck, even a time - server with little chance of turning around the then ailing retail group.
    • A spokesman for the FSA said: ‘This is not about propping up lame ducks.’
    • Instead we seem inescapably on course to end up with a lame duck park, with a mangled boundary and pitifully truncated planning powers.
    • Lucky Day is a real lame duck: 15 songs long with not a tune in sight.
    • Then United Future came out with an absolutely lame-duck report saying they would be supporting the bill, so long as there was a corresponding reduction in taxation.
    • Yet, without strong and committed patrons, there is a real danger that he could become an ineffectual lame duck quite soon.
    • And could it turn an 800-pound gorilla into a lame duck if they don't?
    • Never has the term lame duck been more appropriate.