Translation of lamentable in Spanish:


lamentable, adj.

Pronunciation /ləˈmɛn(t)əb(ə)l//ˈlaməntəb(ə)l//ˈlæmən(t)əb(ə)l/


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    • According to City & Guilds, a lamentable lack of even basic IT training is one of the main problems.
    • It seems to me to demonstrate only a lamentable lack of any informed thought in a matter which, however unimportant it may have seemed to the Bank, was and is of real importance to Mrs Burgess.
    • If we take a step back, we can see that only government could have brought us to this lamentable condition.
    • Perhaps, instead of seeing the annual ritual of the Christmas party as indicating a lamentable weakness for excess, we should welcome it as a sign of our customary, compliant sobriety.
    • Aside from their palpable defensive frailties there was a lamentable lack of inspiration in midfield, whilst upfront John Sutton and Lovell mostly toiled in inglorious isolation.
    • The decision to consign the handling of prison detainees to the private sector is just more substantiation of this lamentable shift.
    • You can judge for yourself whether this shows the essential ‘rightness’ of the Stephenson ideas, or if it shows a lamentable lack of initiative over the ensuing years.
    • It implies on the part of management disrespect for the studio's history and a lamentable lack of flexibility and vision.
    • While the retail end of the coffee industry is booming, production is in a lamentable state.
    • There is a lamentable lack of comprehensive and accurate data concerning this process of debt creation.
    • ‘The performance of the Dairygold board in the face of what is effectively the dismantling of Dairygold is lamentable and the silence of its members quite disgraceful,’ he said.
    • It is worth remembering that, despite a lamentable lack of preparation and a reckless reliance on the offensive, France survived the opening months of the war with an impressive degree of unity.
    • Others, such as Fatima Hussain, argue that the defeat of the measure merely reflected a lamentable lack of political will on the part of the government.
    • If those National members cannot get their heads around that now, it really shows the lamentable lack of intellect on that side of the Chamber.
    • Still, with a movie this special, having a good technical presentation provides some forgiving leeway for an otherwise lamentable lack of contextual material.
    • Perhaps the most lamentable lack of focus is in how much of a group's output is listed at the end of their entry: this of all things should be reliable if the average reader is going to build any trust in this venture.
    • I regret that in our own country there has been a lamentable lack of interest in our common European inheritance.
    • I idly went back to the archives for last January and read with amusement my musings about my lamentable inability to keep my desk clean or to engage in other seemingly modest self-improvement projects.
    • That apart, this lamentable lack of learning is also what the American schooling system cultivates.
    • The majority of popular culture is commercially produced ephemera of mostly lamentable quality which needs absolutely no help or encouragement from government.