Translation of lancet in Spanish:


lanceta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɑːnsɪt//ˈlænsət/


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    lanceta feminine
    • A new lancet is used for each scratch to prevent cross-contamination of allergens.
    • Gauze, alcohol swab, lancet, and bandage are enclosed in one package and sized appropriately for either adult or pediatric patients.
    • He extracted teeth, stitched gashes, advised on pneumonia and sunstroke, set broken limbs, used the lancet and the thermometer.
    • Years later, falsely imprisoned for mutilating animals with a lancet, George writes to Doyle for help.
    • In eight locations, blood samples were obtained by piercing the skin with a sterile lancet and absorbing a drop of blood on a piece of filter paper.
    • New devices are being developed to make blood glucose testing less painful than the usual monitoring systems, which involve drawing blood by pricking the skin with a lancet.
    • Once all the drops are in place, the nurse takes a tiny, pointed, plastic instrument called a lancet and scratches the skin through each droplet of extract.
    • I stumbled out into the early afternoon with my new machine, enough testing strips and pricking lancets to go on with, my marked-up diary and a fuddled brain.
    • ‘No one has a product on the market that will let people throw away their lancets,’ he says.
    • Discard the lancet into a biohazard sharps container.
    • The lancets are designed to enter no deeper than 2-3 mm.
    • Medical wastes are defined as discarded sharps (needles, scalpel blades, lancets, and broken glass) and potentially infectious wastes.
    • Single-use throwaway lancets are used for haemoglobin check and single-use disposable transfusion sets that are attached to blood bags are used during the process of donation.
    • Blood was usually taken by opening a vein with a lancet, although bloodsucking leeches were regularly used.
    • You must take you blood from your fingertips, using a spring-loaded ‘pen’ and lancet.
    • Patients use the kit's finger lancet to collect blood while routinely checking their blood glucose levels.
    • Standardised skin prick tests were carried out with allergen coated lancets.
    • Blood samples were obtained by finger lancet or from an arterial catheter.
    • I had to send him a glucometer and test strips and lancets.
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    ventana ojival feminine