Translation of land in Spanish:


tierra, n.

Pronunciation /land//lænd/


  • 1

    • 1.1Geography

      tierra feminine
      (animal/defenses) (before noun) de tierra
      (defenses/animal) (before noun) terrestre
      land reclaimed from the sea tierra ganada al mar
      • over land and sea por tierra y por mar
      • we sighted land divisamos / avistamos tierra
      • on dry land en tierra firme
      • land forces fuerzas terrestres / de tierra
      • land reclamation reclamación de tierras
      • The ecosystem, both on land and in the water, depends heavily upon the activity of bacteria.
      • Never dump oil in the water, on land or in the trash; fines can be in the thousands!
      • We're amphibians, living part of our lives in the water and part on land.
      • Seismic waves are detected by instruments known as geophones when used on land or hydrophones in water.
      • When the Earth is viewed from space on a cloudless day, all that can be seen are the edges of land, sea and icecaps.
      • After the wave comes the trough, where the sea level drops below normal and the water dumped on land pours back to the sea.
      • For while adult amphibians usually live on land, their soft eggs must be laid in the water.
      • When he did, he noticed that the dam was built half on land and half on water.
      • There are 26,000 million insects living in every square mile of habitable land on Earth.
      • A car that can drive on land, sail on water and fly through the air will be unveiled next month.
      • The guns can be fired from the vehicle on land or water, or can be dismounted and used in a normal fashion.
      • What allows the eel catfish to flourish there is its elongated body and ability to feed on both land and water.
      • Then imagine that you and your buddy are alone, with no sight of land, nor any surface cover!
      • The way solar radiation is absorbed by the Earth's surface depends primarily on whether the surface is land or sea.
      • If the mine came down on land instead of water, it was supposed to go off seventeen seconds later.
      • It was May, and the island was a meeting place for breeding animals, both in the water and on land.
      • As happy in the water as on land, this breed is a fearless swimmer, and is most useful for hunting wild fowl.
      • Equally at home in water or on land, the Newfoundland was large enough to pull in a drowning man or to break the ice to retrieve him.
      • A fortnight ago, 800,000 square kilometres of land were under water across the region.
      • Movements in water are slower than movements on land due to water resistance.
      • The melting of sea ice and glaciers on land make surface waters fresher than they are now.

    • 1.2(ground, property)

      tierra feminine
      this is my land esta es mi propiedad
      • a plot of land un terreno
      • land management administración de fincas
      • land use uso de la tierra

    • 1.3

      the land la tierra
      • to work on the land trabajar la tierra
      • to return to the land volver al campo
      • the exodus from the land el éxodo rural
      • Savory also noted that too much rest was as bad for the land as too much grazing.
      • Raised in the rural ethos of Mayo, he grew up with an attachment to the land.
      • Lumbered with crippling debt, many farmers left the land, paving the way for the corporatization of agriculture.
      • The programme, Clarissa and the Countryman, paid homage to the land and its food producers.
      • So did the early Indo Europeans till the land and possess wheeled vehicles?
      • But should we not remember who it was who broke the land and tilled the soil?
      • German Mennonites settle the area, cultivate the land and build the infrastructure.
      • For millions of poor peasants, it will mean being driven off the land by cheap agricultural imports.
      • Edna Beard fell in love with the countryside while working the land to feed a nation at war.
      • But the growth of population was in the towns, and labourers left the land for the cities.
      • In both cases, these local leaders play a key role in what happens on the land, including farm land.
      • The Hebridean way of life is bound inextricably to the land.
      • Dung and bedding, along with all other crop residues, are returned to the land to replenish soil nutrients.
      • Those giving up farming often retain their attachment to the land by keeping their forestry as an investment.
      • While Betsy and Mack spoke of working the land, Leah and Ana talked of different things.
      • It's no coincidence that the majority of those born on the land in the past 20 years want nothing to do with it.
      • She is a country person who believes in using the products of the land.
      • As southern cotton growers reduced production in return for federal payments, tenant farmers were driven from the land.

  • 2literary

    (country, realm)
    país masculine
    nación feminine
    (kingdom) reino masculine
    throughout the land en todo el país (or reino etc.)
    • in the land of make-believe en el mundo de la fantasía
    • to be in the land of the living estar vivito y coleando
    • The first series proved unmissable with six weeks of first class original music from some of the best bands in the land.
    • After establishing himself as an artist in his native land, he decided to immigrate to the United States.
    • You might be under the impression that, for such a beautiful land, they've been blessed with a truly ugly language.
    • The reasons for his sudden emergence as a real power in the land were essentially political.
    • To understand this answer we must study the philosophy of the history of the world, especially in reference to political geography - the various lands and countries.
    • They are fleeing from the dire economic and social circumstances in their own lands to countries that offer them a better future.
    • Today, the rich bottom land of the Misssissippi is under water and no foreign land has sent a dollar to help.
    • To think of the dads, grandads and brothers who fought in the war to protect our land from Nazis to then see them emerging behind a political party.
    • Sailors traveling to exotic foreign lands began to collect tattoos as souvenirs of their journeys.
    • After all, it's America that is the young country, the republic, the land of informality and classlessness.
    • Although women could work in slums or in the back country of foreign lands, national suffrage would surely permanently soil them.
    • Philip Gailey ends his article with a wish for a country he regards as ‘one of the most beautiful and hospitable lands on the planet’.
    • Every time one sells or buys a product made from the abuse of others in the so-called Third World nations or their lands makes them guilty of immoral gains.
    • Publishers would have to take account of the law of every land on Earth.
    • As he travelled across the land evangelizing at revival meetings he took the lads with him.
    • It has been the land of mighty empires, a powerful trading nation rich in culture and civilisation.
    • Naturally air conditioned by windtowers which catch the breezes then funnel them below, the Souk is a great marketplace in which to examine products from countless lands.
    • You won't find a better dance ensemble this side of that imaginary line that separates the US from the wild and beautiful lands and music to its south.
    • During her teens, Samerjan was introduced to unusual fabrics from exotic lands by her father, a successful textile manufacturer.
    • We made a lot of wonderful friends, saw some beautiful countryside in lands far away, and experienced some incredible receptions along the way.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1Aviation Aerospace

      (aircraft/pilot/spaceship) aterrizar
      (aircraft/spaceship/pilot) (on the moon) alunizar
      (aircraft/spaceship/pilot) (on water) acuatizar
      (aircraft/spaceship/pilot) (on sea) amarizar
      (pilot/aircraft/spaceship) (on sea) amerizar
      (pilot/spaceship/aircraft) (on sea) amarar
      in a few minutes we shall be landing at … airport en breves momentos tomaremos / tocaremos tierra en el aeropuerto de …
      • The crew landed the aircraft without further incident.
      • The fourth time he landed the aircraft, he crashed it.
      • The pilots tried to land the aircraft on a nearby clearing but could not as there were other firefighters standing on the site.
      • My copilot and I knew we had plenty of power to land the aircraft with the remaining two engines.
      • Although another pilot took off and landed the aircraft, Mr Henshaw flew it over the Cambridgeshire countryside using its dual controls.
      • Even though you have landed the aircraft, there are a lot of things to be done before you can start patting yourself and your crew on the back.
      • They'll then have their photo taken after they've landed the plane they hijacked.
      • We also flew to Crete and bombed the Maleme airfield which was being used to land the German aeroplanes.
      • A Skipton pilot was commended by the Royal Air Force for successfully landing a burning aircraft at Portsmouth airport.
      • Mr Hughes had just landed the helicopter in a field.
      • The purpose of the session was to educate ground crews on the proper procedure for landing a helicopter.
      • The aircraft was immediately landed thereafter and the airframe was inspected.
      • Each one was part of a lunar landing mission during which two American astronauts landed a spacecraft on the surface of the Moon.
      • So those who managed to eject or safely land their aircraft could live to fight another day.
      • In there, you have to pay close attention to how you simulate landing a Soyuz spacecraft.
      • Need to land a light aircraft in a hurry but can't find a convenient runway?
      • In the early '80s, Ray Dolan landed fighter planes on aircraft carriers.
      • We'll bring you the live pictures as soon as the pilot gets ready to land that aircraft.
      • But a local resident has complained to the council about Mr Kearney's use of his home for taking off and landing his helicopter.
      • Being able to land an airplane when the engine has quit is a skill that can save your bacon.
      • With enemy cavalry approaching, LT McNamara landed his own aircraft under heavy fire.

    • 1.2(fall)

      it landed on its side cayó de lado
      • the ball landed in the pond la pelota cayó en el estanque
      • to land badly/heavily caer mal/pesadamente
      • I didn't mean to land on you like this no quería caerte así, de paracaidista
      • Without looking up he threw a book that landed with a thud on the table in front of Evelyn.
      • And just what did the people at the next table say when a dislodged piece of fish landed among their crockery?
      • A rope came snaking out over the river, landing with a splash at my feet.
      • Forty-four gallon drums of chemicals shot more than a hundred metres high, landing up to 400 metres away.
      • You'd need to create a diversion, by throwing a rock that lands behind them, making a noise and distracting them temporarily.
      • So it should come as no surprise that, five minutes into lunch, a giant tangle of grilled onions landed right in my lap.
      • I watched helplessly as a small splash of milk issued from the jug and landed in the bowl.
      • A stone from the top of the wall broke free, triggering a small landslide of pebbles, and landed with a resounding splash in the stream below.
      • Suddenly this giant brick landed in front of us then we turned around and there was one behind us.
      • I was vigorously taking down notes when a paper ball landed next to me.
      • Ice falling off the trees outside, landing on the ground with a thud that makes me jump out of my seat.
      • One of the side panels fell off, landing softly on the sandy ground.
      • I felt a drop of water land on the tip of my nose with a plop, mingling with the dirty sweat already on my face.
      • I dropped my fork on the glass plate and it landed with a small ‘clank’.
      • He then grabbed my flashlight and threw it so it landed right by my purse.
      • Fortunately, at that moment a drop from a high-up stalactite landed in the waiting pool beneath, making a loud splash as it landed.
      • Dara tossed her shoes on the floor and the rest of her belongings landed on the sofa.
      • She flipped a pancake from the hot plate expertly and it landed neatly on her plate of four.
      • Some landed in the deep fat fryer, splashing oil everywhere.

  • 2informal

    (arrive, end up)
    ir a parar informal
    it probably landed in the bin probablemente haya ido a parar a la basura informal
  • 3

    (ship) atracar
    (troops/traveler) desembarcar

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(from sea)

      (passengers/troops) desembarcar
      (cargo) descargar
      • When the operation settled down, the boats landed some excellent catches at New Plymouth.
      • Over the years we have bought lobsters, prawns, crabs and scallops on the shore outside the house, direct from the boats that landed them.
      • It is illegal to dump any waste material at sea and all vessels will have to log and land their waste on returning from sea.
      • One boat that regularly lands the deep-sea species at Scrabster in Caithness is the Amadeus.
      • Your boat will land you at the point where the river meets the sea and from then on you walk.
      • Many of the boats have been landing their fish in Killybegs.
      • The nuclear boat then made visits to affiliates on the islands of Islay and Jura, where some of the crew were landed to tour a few of the most famous whisky distilleries in the world.
      • The work will allow boats and barges to land cargo in bad weather because the planned site is sheltered by the reef.
      • Instead of the expected peaceful handover, the Captains of the ships signalled attack, landed their troops and began an all-out assault.
      • The King and Queen scallops are landed by local boats which fish the Irish sea.
      • Boats were refused permission by the Department to land their catches at Dingle.
      • It is cheek by jowl with the small boats that land the fish, and a stone's throw from the market where it is auctioned.
      • Military materiel is landed via a bow ramp and also via assault boats through the doors of the flooded well.
      • Free French officers were landed by air and boat to negotiate the port's peaceful transfer, but they received a hostile response as did an advance landing party.
      • The rescued mariners were landed at Culdrose, where they were checked by the medical team and given a good breakfast and a chance to rest.
      • The ship's medical officer stitched a number of John's lacerations before the ship landed him at Key West the following day.
      • It reminded me that Virginia used to impose a fine of 100 pounds on ship's captains landing Quakers in the colony.
      • Sailors and supplies were landed during the night while heavy gunfire was concentrated on the Royalists.
      • The more I think about it, the more unlikely it is that these girls are landed by boat.
      • When his condition was stable, he was landed at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.

    • 1.2(from air)

      (plane) hacer aterrizar
      (troops) desembarcar
      (supplies) descargar

  • 2

    • 2.1(in fishing)

      (fish) sacar del agua
      • There followed a long reminiscence of his lost love, and how she had landed this and that fish of blessed memory.
      • Dewar won the accolade of top rod overall after clinching first place in all four sessions and Jones landed the biggest fish, a grayling of 42 cm.
      • As we approached the anglers, they hooked and landed an immature striped bass.
      • I look forward to meeting many of you next year and hopefully landing a few more fish!
      • Grant Gibson from Newton St Boswells took the honours after landing an incredible 17 fish from the Melrose stretch.
      • John McDonagh landed a 3 lb fish at Durkan's Pool and several others were hooked and lost.
      • Neil Yates landed the heaviest fish of the day - an 8lb 15 oz carp.
      • No salmon were reported from the river, but like the Bunowen, fish should be running here too and if more anglers were out, we should see some fish landed.
      • It wasn't long before Lee landed his first pike weighing in at 9lb 11 oz and was also chuffed with himself.
      • My best mate and fishing partner Simon Crow went out for a week and landed 20 fish up to 48 lb in size.
      • As soon as a fish is tired and ready to be landed the guide will ask you for one so he can loop it through the gills and tie it to a convenient branch while it recovers.
      • International golfer Mark O'Meara was one of those to land a summer salmon, when he hooked and landed an 11 lb fish on the 5th.
      • Pat Gannon landed his first Salmon of the season, a nice 10.5 lb fish at the Gannon fishery.
      • The top prize went to Christy Tobin all the way from Limerick while P.J. Brogan from Ballina landed the biggest fish of the day.
      • Tipperary man Frank Acheson had an early success on Tuesday the 3rd, when he landed a 12.5lbs fish on the spinner.
      • Meanwhile, I have had to stay at home and go bass fishing, trying to land all of the large bass that are currently around.
      • And, if you dip a fishing rod into any one of their famous fish farms, you're likely to land a very fat salmon or char.
      • This method proved a success in landing another 16 fish for Roy - an excellent day's sport.
      • I tightened into a fish and soon landed a nice brown trout of about 14 inches.
      • Some very good fish have been landed in the past week, with more being hooked and lost.

    • 2.2(win, obtain)

      (contract) conseguir
      (husband/job) conseguir
      (job/husband) pescar informal
      • The Chargers also landed wide receiver/kick returner Tim Dwight as part of their deal with the Falcons.
      • Luke was a hero in his own social circles for landing such a key role in a series of movies.
      • Other signings have disappointed but McCormack excelled himself in the close season by landing St George star Darren Treacy.
      • In round 1, Donis landed a hard right hook that was his most significant punch of the round.
      • Dermot Weld's feat in landing a second Melbourne Cup is a remarkable achievement.
      • Pursing his lips, he landed a heavy right hook on the boy's jaw before he could dodge, sending his head snapping back forcefully.
      • And a break of 76 in the final frame ensured that the Leeds player landed the £82, 500 first prize.
      • He and many others landed jobs on in-shore mackerel boats, fishing tamer waters around the Isle of Skye and Plymouth.
      • He landed a few successful blows before he was roughly pulled back by two sets of strong arms.
      • Over time, he lost a split-second, just enough to make him less capable of pulling away from blows or landing one of his tremendous counterpunches that come out of nowhere.
      • Raymond, enraged at being laughed at, charged forward and tried landing the first strike.
      • Returning home he landed a job writing about the new music for The Spectator.
      • They brawled near the ropes and Hopkins landed a sneaky left hook to Oscar's liver.
      • He threw the next punch at Joey's gut, catching Joey off guard and landing another punch at Joey's face.
      • It was amazing to see who landed the roles, and even more surprising who caught on with audiences.
      • Magee, who entered the contest unbeaten in 22 fights, began confidently, landing the more telling blows.
      • Kilmaine boxers landed three Connacht titles at the recent provincial championships in Westport.
      • Down but not out, she gives as good as she gets, and manages to land a few punches before the soldier gets away.
      • Then in October 2001, de Cartier landed the position of creative director at a prestigious music publishing company.
      • And as we go to break, a concert scene from the movie that made Bette Midler a star and landed her first Oscar nomination.
      • He blindsided the competition by landing Wolfgang Reitzle to run the Premier Auto Group.
      • After that he landed a more central role in The Italian Job opposite Edward Norton, Charlize Theron and rap superstar Marky Mark.
      • He maintained his ascendancy in the third round, landing a hard left hook which opened another cut, this time on Williams' right eye-lid.
      • It is possible that when the fight statistics are scrutinised that Arias, the Brazilian heavyweight champion, will have a tally of punches landed in single figures.
      • But Miami, as they soon will be called, landed their largest sports star since Shaq this winter.
      • He has come very close to landing several other major roles recently.
      • Rocky was the aggressor throughout the fight and landed all the punishing blows, but the judges announced Wallace as the winner.
      • Ali got off his toes for the first time in the fight and landed his most meaningful punches.
      • He didn't look like someone who had landed the plum job in Brussels.
      • Tyson was bleeding from cuts over both his eyes and from his nose when Lewis landed a punch that sent him sprawling on his back in Lewis' corner.
      • He parried all of the soldier's blows and then landed one of his own, on the soldier's armored stomach.
      • He screamed, landing a powerful blow directly into the man's stomach.
      • But the Bradford light-middle is not complaining after landing a fight on the Dale Robinson undercard in London on Friday.
      • It was in 1997 that Chris won his first major prize in an open competition by landing the President's Cup and the awards have come thick and fast since then.
      • The Hyde Park Hotel may have been where Marco landed his third Michelin star but Harvey's was where he made his name.
      • The two fighters from the boxing crazy Eastern Cape began dishing heavy leather from the onset but Marali landed the most telling blows.
      • Jimmy's making the fight but Foster's landing the more effective blows.
      • Using only what God gave me, I landed my first major role in ‘Jesus, Mary and Joeseph!’
      • He suddenly realized Red meant them when he landed a solid left hook to his abdomen.
      • John Thaw, who died from cancer this week at the age of 60, landed his first paid role on a stall at Smithfield Market as a teenager.
      • She'd landed another few blows when he caught her wrist and twisted.

    • 2.3informal (strike home)

      (punch) asestar
      (punch) zampar informal
      (punch) encajar informal
      (goal) colocar
      (goal) meter

  • 3informal

    to land sb with sth/sb, to land sth/sb on sb endilgarle / encajarle algo/a algn a algn informal
    • I got landed with the bill me hicieron cargar con el muerto
    • he got landed with the kids le endilgaron / le encajaron a los niños
    • I have landed myself with a lot of problems me he metido en un montón de problemas
    • he's been landed on us for the weekend nos lo han endilgado / encajado a nosotros para el fin de semana
    • It is like a savings scheme but it means that the owners of the properties aren't landed with a large bill.
    • Craig was viciously beaten by a violent customer in January, which landed him with a fractured skull, both cheekbones broken and a scar near one eye.
    • To have won a major title at the age of 17 was a remarkable feat but it landed her with a frightening burden of expectation.
    • The stunt was one of 10 things Liam said he'd always wanted to do but it landed him with a life ban.
    • It is an absurdly high level of fines and costs he has been landed with.
    • Smith has been landed with ‘extortionate’ water bills - because travellers are taking water from his supply.
    • But what has their over-investment landed them with, other than big debts?
    • Good Friday became bad Friday for one group of Chessington residents when they were landed with £320 in parking fines.
    • A businessman has been left in a stew after a computer glitch landed him with 250,000 tins of lentil soup.
    • A week in hospital in France will land you with a bill for 2000.
    • Now my stupidity had landed me with more bruises.
    • Frustration at the loss of a telephone charger landed a man with a £700 bill for damage to a car.
    • Dickinson left the field with a nasty head wound which could land Hagan with a hefty ban if he is found guilty.
    • Surprisingly, Chris discovers her true self during the survival course but lands Charles with a black eye in the process.
    • Experts landed us with a police force which is now so warped in its outlook of its responsibilities that it's no longer a force but a service.
    • His tip-off to police landed Bailey with a five-year jail sentence when he appeared at York Crown Court.
    • The Evening Press has learned that his history of impersonation and con tricks has landed him with prison sentences before.
    • He also landed her with a bill for nearly £1, 000 after ringing chat-lines on her mobile phone.
    • Inevitably this has landed Kirkland with the unwanted reputation of being injury prone.
    • He has had his problems with drinking and, more importantly, getting caught, which landed him an international ban.
  • 4informal

    (cause to end up)
    to land sb in sth
    • that venture finally landed her in prison con aquel negocio fue a parar a la cárcel
    • to land sb/oneself in trouble/a mess meter a algn/meterse en problemas/en un lío
    • he is sure to land himself in debt seguro que termina endeudado
    • now you've landed me in it! ¡ahora sí que me has metido en una buena!
    • But it's difficult to argue when traffic jams are landing us in a pickle every day.
    • This ambivalence toward their own goals in life can land them in difficult situations.
    • She does not think before she opens her mouth and lands him in even more trouble.
    • She is not one to huddle up and go into a corner and that has landed her in these difficulties.
    • He landed himself in hot water with the club's fans last summer during a pre-season tour when he let his frustration get the better of him and made a gesture towards the crowd.
    • Hyper-sensitive, he seems continually to be examining himself and putting himself in situations which are apt to land him in trouble.
    • Bowen is the latest in a line of old-style comedians to have landed themselves in hot water after using racially provocative language or jokes.
    • A bloody confrontation lands Shaw in jail for over a decade and decimates his family.
    • He landed himself in hot water during a recent party after jokingly asking a woman for sex.
    • Federal officials cited the speech as an ‘overt act’ seeking the violent overthrow of the U.S. government, landing him in prison for three years.
    • Emily Bell thinks the BBC may even have landed itself in hot water over its handling of the matter.
    • It is less about the theatre production and more about the actors, their history and how it landed them in this current situation.
    • Mr Brookes is well aware that his refusal to pay his income tax demand could land him in very hot water.
    • This eventually leads to a complete breakdown that lands Jimmy in the hospital.
    • Their actions land them in one situation after another that manages to be contrived and clichéd at the same time.
    • She told the court on Tuesday he had no idea why his father had been arrested but knew the goods could land him in more trouble.
    • An accident lands Maya in a coma in the hospital, and Tamar postpones her trip until her ex wakes up.
    • A good right-left combination from Lewis lands Tyson in all sorts of trouble.
    • You do feel sorry for him because from all accounts he is a really decent and caring bloke and not at all a big head, but keeps landing himself in hot water.
    • That lands you in a really difficult scientific problem.