Translation of landing in Spanish:


aterrizaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlændɪŋ//ˈlandɪŋ/


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    • 1.1Aviation Aerospace

      aterrizaje masculine
      (on water) acuatizaje masculine
      (on sea) amarizaje masculine
      (on sea) amerizaje masculine
      (on moon) alunizaje masculine
      (field/light/procedure) (before noun) de aterrizaje
      to make a good/bad landing hacer un buen/mal aterrizaje
      • forced/emergency landing aterrizaje forzoso/de emergencia
      • landing wheels ruedas de aterrizaje
      • Within the hour, we were letting down for a landing at Casablanca on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.
      • Hauling scientists and supplies to the stations gives aircrews a chance to practice icy take-offs and landings and get a feel for being on the ice.
      • I taxi back for two more take-offs and landings, the last with the left engine at 15-inches and 1500 rpm to simulate an engine failure.
      • They take short cruises to perfect their take-offs and landings.
      • We were an emergency landing strip, and we had emergency landings.
      • I needed to determine if the water was too deep to attempt a safe landing.
      • Over the next several years, I remember it experienced two wheels-up landings from hard landing practice with students.
      • So why is it that even pilots with tens of thousands of hours still make less than perfect landings?
      • Trading speed for altitude, Art got the racer up to about 50 feet and managed to make a safe landing at the airfield.
      • I started whistling, as I lined the capsule up with an open magnetic bay, and prepared to bring it in for a perfect landing.
      • Tailwind landings have you flying down final at an excess groundspeed, but at a given angle of descent.
      • Aircraft landings were limited from May to September.
      • This seems to cause fairly consistently reasonable landings and the landing Toll out is still only 500 yards or so, even not using brake.
      • Then, with a shove he is off, gliding across 10 metres of slippery plastic, making a messy landing in the soapy water at the end of the run.
      • Fishermen are tired of bouncing about on rough seas and need a break with more settled water and good landings.
      • My sigh of relief when the pilot executed a perfect landing and brought the vessel to a safe stop was as deep as anyone's I reckon.
      • And in a combat glider, where there was only one chance to land safely once the pilot committed to a landing, there was no turning back.
      • There was no good place to land now with the wheels up, nor could I make land and make a safe landing on the ground in downtown Toledo.
      • There are restrictions on how much crosswind is permitted for an autopilot to make a landing.
      • The airport handled 246,000 take-offs and landings last year, a number forecast to hit 314,000 in 20 years.

    • 1.2Military Nautical

      desembarco masculine
      desembarque masculine
      • Canada's military played a key role in the D-Day landings, code named Operation Overlord, with about 18,000 troops storming ashore at Juno Beach.
      • We have just witnessed the anniversary of the D-Day landings where British troops lost there lives fighting for freedom of speech, and some councillors say you won't listen to other people's opinions.
      • This crust was to disrupt enemy landings long enough to allow the arrival of local reinforcements.
      • This year marked the 90th anniversary of the landing of Anzac troops in Gallipoli.
      • In the days following the D-Day landings, Allied troops carved a tenuous foothold on the coast of Normandy.
      • Operationally the landings in November were a complete success, politically a disaster.
      • This weekend, the world will remember the courage and sacrifice of the Allied troops at the D-Day landings in France.
      • The classic example was the Allied air attacks on the French rail network in 1944 to interdict German troop movements that might interfere with the Normandy landings.
      • Another service will take place on Juno Beach, at which the Queen will make a speech commemorating the role of Canadian troops in the landings.
      • The island's white sand beaches are bordered by razor wire and concrete structures that are supposed to prevent enemy troop landings.
      • Unfortunately, there is no official list of those Australians who served on the ships and landing craft during the D-Day landings.
      • The landing took place on August 6th and involved the landing of 63,000 Allied troops.
      • It will also commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Normandy landings, and many veterans' groups are already lined up to take part in a special event.
      • The total number of Allied troops involved in the landings was 65,000, a little more than half the strength of the French forces in North Africa.
      • As a landing on an enemy coastline entails, everything we needed had to be carried with us.
      • In the Second World War Germany planned a landing of troops in Sligo as part of an invasion of Northern Ireland.
      • Her orders were to ‘generally run amok’ and create a diversion away from the allied landings.
      • The original squadron served with distinction in the Mediterranean at Sicily, the Salerno landings and the invasion of southern France in 1944.
      • Mr Walker was on board when it took part in troop landings in Sicily, Salerno and Anzio.
      • Deployed to New Guinea in 1944 she bombarded Japanese positions in the Admiralty Islands and took part in the landings at Sek Island.

    • 1.3

      (of cargo) descarga feminine
      (of troops) desembarco masculine

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    (on staircase)
    rellano masculine
    descansillo masculine
    descanso masculine Southern Cone Colombia
    • Concrete flooring at the stair landings, stained an earthy gold, and the liberal use of slate and steel, bring the basement out of the 19th century.
    • She walked up the stairs from the landing to the main floor.
    • The man still continued down another flight of stairs from the landing of the second floor.
    • These make interesting corner or centre compositions which can occupy the pride of place in living rooms, lobbies, staircase landings, and so on.
    • I started to re-decorate our landing, stairs and hallway in mid-January.
    • If you live in a building with communal areas such as the hall, stairs and landings in a block of flats, make sure everyone knows that you are selling, and gently remind them to collect their post and help keep the front garden tidy.
    • Upstairs, the bedroom and bathroom accommodation is located off a spacious landing with ceiling access to an attic storage area.
    • The building itself, however, was a solid concrete structure of staircases, landings and corridors with many rooms leading off them.
    • Communal areas such as gardens, entrances, staircases and landings are all generously proportioned.
    • A wooden staircase leads from the landing to the attic at the top of the house.
    • Stairs rise from the landing to the attic room, which is floored and panelled in wood and features two velux windows and a good amount of eaves storage.
    • There were rooms now; doors lined the landing and staircase.
    • If the gap between railings on a stairway or at the landing is wide enough to crawl through you should rig a device to stop kids from doing so.
    • He stepped across the threshold of the tunnel and onto a landing of a flight stairs.
    • She was told the caretakers would provide a basic service including sweeping and mopping where necessary of halls, landings and stairs and cleaning of accessible windows.
    • We'd go through the main door of the museum, then we went down the first lot of stairs to a landing and then there was another flight.
    • He lead up the flight of stairs to a small landing and then proceeded down a large, well-lit corridor decorated with huge tapestries.
    • Stairs lead from the landing to the attic level, which has two rooms.
    • Stairs lead from the landing to the final room in the house, a circular space which is currently being used as a home office but which could also make a teenager's den.
    • Stairs lead from the landing to the attic room at the top of the house.
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