Translation of landing gear in Spanish:

landing gear

tren de aterrizaje, n.


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    tren de aterrizaje masculine
    • This procedure is commonly used for testing purposes to override the actual position of the landing gear.
    • The designers, of course, figured the nose-wheel on the new tricycle landing gears also needed to be locked during take-offs and landings.
    • This meant that the landing gear had to go into the fuselage which resulted in a narrow track.
    • When the airplane is clear of the ground, direct the co-pilot to retract and lock the landing gear.
    • The aircraft is equipped with three-strut landing gear, a tail wheel and a brake parachute.
    • After a positive rate of climb was achieved, the landing gear was retracted.
    • The landing gear retracts in order to prevent interference with the radar.
    • You may get killed walking across the street when you can get hit by a landing gear falling from an aircraft.
    • On touchdown, all three landing gears were sheared and the aircraft underside was substantially damaged.
    • Soon the aircraft was sitting on its landing gear for the first time since 1995.
    • The all-metal aircraft had controls, armament, and even landing gears that were tucked away out of the slip stream to increase speed, range, and performance.
    • This is no place to be 50 knots fast, throwing the landing gear down and wondering about the flaps.
    • As the landing gear was being retracted, he felt a slight hesitation and mild backfire with the left engine.
    • I got a garden hose and washed off the landing gear and cleaned the plane as best I could.
    • A long, slender fuselage was necessary to contain most of the fuel as well as the landing gear and payloads.
    • If so, were dispatchers involved in the decision to continue the flight with the landing gear extended?
    • It is thought the seat of the fire was in the landing gear under the aircraft's main fuselage.
    • Well, the landing gear came through just fine but the airframe was badly bent!
    • The machine shop is still finishing the components for the remaining landing gears, including a couple of minor mods to the wheels which will ease the installation of the tires.
    • After a couple of hops I found out it was just the nature of the beast, due to the large wide plates on the front of the landing gear.