Translation of landlord in Spanish:


terrateniente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlan(d)lɔːd//ˈlæn(d)ˌlɔrd/


  • 1

    (of landed estate)
    terrateniente masculine
    hacendado masculine
    • Others look to the peasantry to form armed bands which can take land from the big landlords and distribute it to the poor.
    • For example, how exactly will landlords and tenants bring disputes before the board?
    • The majority of families forced to rent from private landlords will be no better off than before.
    • Almost a tenth of all houses in Swindon are occupied by tenants renting from private landlords.
    • The oversupply of rental property has resulted in landlords cutting rents to attract tenants.
    • Some land was owned by landlords who rented to cultivators, some was in the hands of owner-operators.
    • Catholic tenant farmers are withholding rents from their Protestant landlords.
    • They aren't really housemates, just people who happen to rent from the same landlord.
    • Special tax breaks are available to landlords who intend renting their property to tourists.
    • The mid-terrace unit is held by the current landlord on a long lease with a nominal rent.
    • Over 80 percent are kept empty by private landlords, banks and building societies.
    • It used to be the case that people either got a council house, rented from a private landlord or got a mortgage to buy their home.
    • In the interim, she decided to set up a company that would unify potential tenants and landlords.
    • A lot of landlords are finding it difficult to accept lower rents and one or two have actually sold.
    • Here he witnessed how the Irish were treated not just by the army but also by the landlords who owned the land there.
    • The relationship between landlords and tenants is a recurring theme in Irish history.
    • With each new tenant, landlords can increase the rent by as much as they like.
    • Some landlords also use supermarket billboards and cards in newsagent's windows.
    • The goal is to educate tenants about the legal amount their landlord can up their rent.
    • In some parts there are basically too many landlords chasing too few tenants, which is pushing down rents.
  • 2

    (of rented dwelling)
    casero masculine
    dueño masculine
    arrendador masculine
    my landlord el dueño de mi casa (or apartamento etc.)
  • 3British

    (of pub)
    (owner) dueño masculine
    (owner) patrón masculine
    (manager) encargado masculine
    • A village pub landlord told today how his wife and barman were threatened with knives by armed raiders.
    • There will also be informal ballots organised by individual landlords at hundreds of pubs in Manchester.
    • Terry was later landlord of the public house that bore his name at Athgarvan Cross.
    • A tapas bar landlord in Hull has lost his license because he allowed his clients to drink standing up.
    • It's a far cry from the message that went out last month when licensing officials urged landlords not to rush applications.
    • You'd be better off going to your local pub landlord and starting you own comedy club.
    • If louts strike at one pub or club, landlords and managers can get onto the phone to the next pub to tell the doormen who to look out for.
    • He called for landlords, the drinks industry and hoteliers to work together to ease the passage of the Bill.
    • Police said the pair waited until the pub was empty before bursting in as the landlord and the barmaid were cashing up.
    • Croydon Council managed to solve the problem by providing landlords with their licences by the next day.
    • Now the police are keen to extend the scheme to the whole of Craven and will write to landlords and licensees explaining how it works.
    • A young woman wept in court as a jury cleared her of causing the death of a former pub landlord.
    • Shortly afterwards, Gough punched a drinker, who had to be taken outside by the landlord.
    • Christopher Genders, 56, a former pub landlord, is out tending his garden.