Translation of landmark in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈlæn(d)ˌmɑrk//ˈlan(d)mɑːk/


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    (well-known feature)
    one of London's most famous landmarks uno de los monumentos (or edificios etc.) más famosos de Londres
    • use the tower as a landmark if you get lost utilice la torre como punto de referencia si se pierde
    • He looked around, recognizing the familiar landmarks and geography of Pommer Inn.
    • It paints a very recognisable picture of Swindon, mentioning the train station and other landmarks in the town centre.
    • While at sea, he sketched the coastlines, reckoned distances between landmarks, and carefully observed the winds and the tides.
    • Other episodes use spectacular photography to show Australia's tropical rainforests, swamps, wildlife, deserts, seas and natural landmarks.
    • Survey work on one of Old Town's most familiar landmarks has been carried out this week.
    • It would be a shame to lose it - it is the landmark of the town centre.
    • Daniel has photographed participants in the projects and their families at familiar landmarks around the town.
    • Gamers familiar with some tracks will easily be able to pick out certain landmarks or other features from their real-life counterparts.
    • Yesterday when they went in Robert Green said he was able to recognize a landmark.
    • I recognize familiar landmarks along my way, little stores, bits of graffiti, the gate with all the metal horseheads on it.
    • The depiction of Tralee past and present incorporates a streets scene and a map of the town identifying major landmarks.
    • Towering over Potato Market, it has engrained itself into the psyche of the town and has become a recognised landmark.
    • Mr Dodds' theory is based on a map, clearly showing the town's landmarks, which was supposedly drawn up in 1974.
    • The chairperson also remarked she was delighted to be able to plant such a special Easter tree and hoped it would grow big and strong to become a recognised landmark in the town.
    • Just over the Yorkshire border, Stoodley Pike is a prominent landmark overlooking the textile towns of Calderdale.
    • ‘It can be a landmark they recognize or a beach they were on,’ Rosenthal said.
    • Each evening they present a slide show of the next day's features so you can recognise the landmarks on the journey through.
    • The clock was always there and was a terrific landmark for the town.
    • Acquire a ten-digit grid location of a landmark easily picked out on imagery such as a road intersection.
    • Don't just look for landmarks and terrain features, take their measure, too.
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    (historic building)
    monumento histórico masculine
    • But his birth home in Epworth, in Greenwood County, S.C., has become a historical landmark.
    • Once moving, the route took riders through the downtown Washington area, past the most noted monuments and landmarks.
    • We must continue to bear security checks at our major sporting events, our theme parks, and our major historic landmarks and buildings.
    • A well-maintained, but hard to find trail leads from the main road to the John Jay cemetery, which I presume is a historical landmark.
    • To most people, the Empire State Building is the defining landmark of New York City.
    • The Museum itself is a landmark on the European historical scene, covering hundreds of years of German-Jewish history.
    • The Whitney may be a historical landmark itself at this point, but that doesn't make it a beautiful building.
    • Only a trip to the land and a chance to walk the historical landmarks would help him put to rest and understand that portion of the myth.
    • This is especially desirable if you own a historical landmark and wish for it to be restored to its former appearance.
    • It asks if attacks are likely on U.S. cities, buildings or landmarks by the end of this year.
    • As a heritage trail, the park includes a network of major cultural landmarks, principal monuments, historic sites and open spaces.
    • From here you can gaze out at some of Scotland's most historical landmarks while, beneath you, in the four floors below, sit the artefacts which chart the history of our country.
    • It's been declared a historical landmark, so it's basically off-limits to any repainting.
    • With its forts, palaces, temples, walls and lanes, East Fort is a landmark among the heritage monuments not only of the city, but also of the State.
    • Neon lights, theatrically lighted landmarks and monuments, and carnivals all present picture opportunities that don't show up by daylight.
    • All the Smithsonian museums have pretty much the same hours, so this was my signal to head outdoors and check out some more monuments and landmarks.
    • The Rock of Cashel tops the list of the most popular historical landmarks in the country with more than 100,000 visitors annually.
    • You can visit historical landmarks such as Fort Louisbourg and Halifax Citadel.
    • The historical landmarks were to them simply places to meet, greet and handle daily business.
    • Each year millions of tourists visit Italy to see the country's cultural and historical landmarks such as the Colosseum in Rome and the Greek ruins in Sicily.
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    (milestone) mojón masculine
    (event) hito masculine
    (decision/discovery) (before noun) que marca un hito (histórico)
    the promotion was a landmark in his career el ascenso marcó un hito en su carrera
    • one of the country's landmark painters un pintor cuya obra hizo (or ha hecho etc.) época
    • In 1960 he helped organize the first Situation exhibition, an important landmark in British abstract art.
    • The decision has been hailed by union leaders as a landmark in granting constitutional rights for trade union activity in a number of other employment sectors.
    • This shift in the Southeast Asian perception of China is an important landmark in China-Southeast Asian relations.
    • The National Pension Program is an important landmark in Taiwan's evolution toward a welfare state.
    • WTO accession is an important landmark in Taiwan's industrial transformation, as well as in cross-strait trade.
    • For all those included in the anthology, it is an important landmark in their careers as writers.
    • Recently the parliamentary elections were held in Uzbekistan which become an important landmark in further democratization of the country.
    • It was a landmark in protests in Britain and throughout the world, and was the beginning of Britain being seen as one of the centres of the anti-war movement internationally.
    • The 400,000-strong demo in London organised by the Stop the War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain was a landmark in British politics.
    • The 1812 Patriotic War was an important landmark in the evolution of military engineering.
    • But I know that it will be an important landmark in film history, whether it all comes together or not.
    • Historians consider the Louisiana Purchase to be a landmark event or turning point in American history.
    • The Human Genome project is due to be completed this year - an important landmark in our human history.
    • The launching of the convertibility regime was a landmark in the 1990s in Argentina.
    • But equally important to the landmark leaps of knowledge is the continuous assessment of current knowledge.
    • The landmark decision sets an important legal precedent and will send shivers down the spine of wealthy entrepreneurs whose marriages are under threat.
    • It's a terrific theatrical experience and remains a landmark in modern Handel productions.
    • The initial event was considered a landmark in the country's independence struggle.
    • The mobile phone is an important landmark in the field of communication, but it is often misused by the people.
    • It's a landmark and a county boundary that links East to West.
    • The Waldheim affair was a major landmark in the way Austrians considered their past.