Translation of landowner in Spanish:


terrateniente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlandəʊnə//ˈlænˌdoʊnər/


  • 1

    terrateniente feminine
    hacendado masculine
    hacendada feminine
    • One of the first programs instituted by the Japanese was land reform that made the landowner the sole owner.
    • This is apart from the serious problems and costs it will cause landowners and land managers.
    • Would any local landowners like to write in and offer their land for this scheme?
    • A lot of landowners are careful about letting the hunt on their land because of repercussions.
    • It should be no part of the plan that it is for private landowners to retain land effectively as a public reserve.
    • In areas that are privately owned, the council encourages the landowners to keep their land free from litter.
    • They should only be ridden on private land with the landowner's consent.
    • Upon the death of a landowner, land is divided in equal portions among the surviving children.
    • He is a former landowner, whose lands had been included in an agricultural reform programme decades before.
    • Sometimes, too, the commune would rent or purchase additional land from the landowner or from the state.
    • The bill still gives new powers to landowners to suspend rights of access to land and water for management reasons.
    • A trespasser who enters another's land may cause the landowner no financial loss.
    • Police are urging landowners to take care when burning heather on their land.
    • The reality is that landowners will and do provide land for exactly these purposes.
    • Corsham Town Council is opposing a landowner who wants to use his industrial land for shredding motor tyres.
    • She claimed that the landowner could have built his home on land further back from the road on land which he had now sold.
    • The scheme was devised in response to a request from a landowner for projects to enhance the wildlife value of his land.
    • Although it reduced the power of the landowner, small absentee landowners emerged.
    • A Bradford Council spokesman said legally only the landowner could apply to a court for possession of the land.
    • It will also be an offence for landowners to permit their land to be used for hunting.