Translation of lanolin in Spanish:


lanolina, n.


Pronunciation /ˈlænəlɪn//ˈlan(ə)lɪn/


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    lanolina feminine
    • A natural, undyed wool cover can be re-waterproofed with lanolin every few weeks, or as needed.
    • He makes a marvellous, naturally scented cream from an old English recipe using only natural products - lanolin, bees wax, almond oil and aloe vera that he grows himself.
    • The oil component of ointments is typically petrolatum; creams tend to contain lanolin.
    • These creams usually contain lanolin, wheat germ and cocoa butter.
    • When the season's over, their wool, meat, and lanolin can be sold for profit.
    • The young émigré began by packaging and peddling lanolin - sheep oil - disguising the odor with extracts of lavender, pine bark, and water lilies.
    • For example, creams that contain lanolin - a wax derivative of sheep's wool - can cause allergic reactions and are comedogenic (tending to aggravate or cause acne).
    • I do not use paraffin, Vaseline, lanolin or petroleum based by-products in my range because these ingredients are barrier products in my view.
    • Two weeks after application of lanolin, only 24% of fruit treated with lanolin alone remained attached.
    • Although wool can be damaged by moths, it contains lanolin, a naturally occurring oil that protects it from these insects.
    • Vitamin D3 from sheep's wool, lanolin, is acceptable as halal.
    • Moisturizers contain humectants, such as glycerin, methyl glucose esters, lanolin, or mineral oil, that replace oils in the skin and promote its effectiveness as a moisture barrier.
    • And it will include research into additional medical uses for sheep products such as lanolin and keratin.
    • There are currently two main commercial routes to obtain cholesterol: extracting it from the spinal cords of cattle; and from lanolin, the natural grease found on wool.
    • Lipids (eg, petroleum, lanolin, mineral oil) block moisture from leaving the skin by using occlusive or semiocclusive materials to form a barrier for the skin to better restore itself.
    • Common allergens include topical antibiotics, lanolin in topical moisturizers, chemicals in dressings, preservatives, and fragrances.
    • They contained no artificial colours, drying alcohol, synthetic fragrances, oily lanolin or mineral oil - all staple ingredients in many leading brands.
    • Lip balm containing beeswax, lanolin, coconut oil or other natural moisturizers is an alternative.
    • We sometimes suggest a product containing lanolin, beeswax or coconut oil to moisturize the lips and discourage licking.
    • I'd remind them how he'd come in from the shearing shed for morning tea, smelling of oil and lanolin, teasing and annoying my grandmother as he ate his Sao's.