Translation of lapse in Spanish:


lapsus, n.

Pronunciation: /læps//laps/


  • 1

    • 1.1(fault, error)

      lapsus masculine
      falla feminine
      fallo masculine Spain
      a security lapse una falla en el sistema de seguridad
      • a lapse of concentration una falta de concentración
      • to have a lapse of memory tener un lapsus (de memoria)
      • an astonishing lapse of taste una sorprendente falta de gusto
      • I didn't think that game was going to be a draw, and it would have been criminal had we drawn tonight and gone out because of a silly lapse of concentration.
      • People with Huntington's find they have a lack of concentration, short-term memory lapses and problems with orientation.
      • Another problem with skimping on sleep is lack of concentration and lapses in memory.
      • ‘It would appear the cause of this accident was perhaps a momentary lapse of concentration, perhaps, by the defendant,’ he said.
      • This lead to the lapse of judgement involved in ordering the uber-drinks.
      • This has got to be a temporary lapse in judgement, like a lost weekend at a Big Ten college.
      • He doesn't lose his cool as much as he used to, although he is prone to the occasional lapse of concentration after letting in a bad goal.
      • Thus it was all the more unfortunate when the movement was interrupted by a memory lapse that necessitated a brief conference at the podium between soloist and conductor.
      • If whatever drove him off the road - a blow - out, a lapse of concentration, it is still unexplained - had occurred a few seconds earlier he might have come to a stop in the field.
      • If you don't discover your terrible lapse of memory until the day after, throw even more money at the problem.
      • His brief lapse in concentration costs him a nick across the chest.
      • She stopped in her tracks and rose onto her toes, trying to see through the people, cursing her lapse of concentration.
      • The groom may simply have had a temporary lapse of sanity, and he may realize his error in a few months or years.
      • Things can go wrong with the rope, and there can be a lapse of concentration.
      • Rather, there is usually a memory lapse of hours or days.
      • Because of my lapse of memory this morning and the resultant disappointment of having to get up, I have a plan.
      • And he said drink played a significant role in his lapse of judgement.
      • Even a brief lapse of alertness constitutes gross negligence.
      • An inquest heard how a momentary lapse of concentration may have caused a crash that killed three members of one family.
      • Had they not suffered a costly lapse of concentration just two minutes from time then City could now be looking forward to a midweek trek to South Wales for a replay.

    • 1.2(slip, decline)

      lapse from sth
      • lapse into sth
      • it was her one lapse from the straight and narrow fue su único desliz
      • a lapse from grace una caída en desgracia
      • her sudden lapse into silence surprised me su repentino silencio me sorprendió
      • the ending is spoiled by a lapse into sentimentality el final se resiente por caer en lo sentimental
      • Despite the stressful transition, she was also happy to tell me that she had not used marijuana since her single lapse after leaving treatment.
      • Look on the bright side; I've already written up my side of events, putting my hands up to the lapse in my usual high standards.
      • Can some impairments, such as ethical lapses, be addressed successfully via coursework?
      • We hold it to a very high standard, are quick to bemoan its lapses, critique it almost as a public sport.
      • But Hewson from Sydney benefited from a lapse in standards by Doyle in the second set and got back to 4-4.
      • Julie Bishop argues its easier for Labor to raise such lapses in standards because of the checks the Government has put in place.
      • And considering some of the lapses of good taste I've woken up next to in the past eight or so years, I think that's a pretty good effort.
      • Mohammed got away with it, the indignation among a few of his followers at this lapse from orthodoxy remaining brief and inconsequential.
      • There was a period when that would have been considered an admirable glimpse of wounded pride over a lapse in standards, but now it looks like a symptom of frustration and mediocrity.
      • As I described in my in my previous article, many ethical lapses over the past century have been the result of placing the good of society before the good of the individual.
      • At the time, the council said the lapse in cleaning standards had been a ‘one-off’ caused by staff shortages among the contractors.
      • A general correlation between an agent's lapse from virtue and her decline from flourishing is enough for some purposes.
      • It was a shocking lapse from the usually solid stopper and completely knocked the wind out of City's sails.
      • Around the world, cities with private water-management companies have been plagued by lapses in service, soaring costs, and corruption.
      • There also seems to be a reluctance to subject judges to the vigorous criticism to which other public figures are exposed for comparable lapses from proper standards of reasoning.
      • To correct spiritual lapses and moral decline of such nations, Allah raises a messenger from among the poor and the abject to guide and to warn the great and the powerful.
      • With such a high media profile, it's remarkable how little attention is paid to Will's double standards, ethical lapses and misstatements.
      • Coun Reid said she regretted agreeing to be part of the experiment and apologised for ‘the lapse in my usual high standards’.
      • The report found ‘serious lapses in standards’ in relation to Mr X's dignity and respect in being left on a corridor for a lengthy period in just his vest and pyjama bottoms.
      • ‘I apologise for this misjudgement and the lapse in my usually high standards,’ said Councillor Reid.

  • 2

    lapso masculine
    período masculine
    a considerable lapse of time un considerable lapso de tiempo
    • there was a lapse in the conversation se hizo un silencio en la conversación
  • 3

    caducidad feminine
    the lapse of the contract la caducidad del contrato

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (fall, slip)
    standards have lapsed el nivel ha decaído
    • to lapse from sth
    • to lapse into sth
    • she lapsed from her customary courteousness dejó de lado su cortesía habitual
    • the Kingdom has lapsed from its former glory el Reino ha perdido su antigua gloria
    • he lapsed into silence se calló
    • to lapse into bad habits adquirir malos hábitos
    • to lapse into unconsciousness perder el conocimiento
    • she lapsed into French/the local dialect empezó a hablar en francés/el dialecto local
    • a lapsed Catholic un católico que ha dejado de practicar
    • Irrigating well before the normal irrigation season could result in a considerable time lapse between irrigations.
    • We also observed a natural decrease in activities with a lapse of time and its increase in the interval.
    • Apparently there is a 0.2 second lapse from hearing to response on the meter, which is normally used in psychotherapy.
    • A decade after the rape, he explains the time lapse, as well as his frequent nosebleeds and fainting spells, as the work of alien abductors.
    • The lapse of time was relevant to the need to consider carefully whether the landowners' interests had been prejudiced by the delay.
    • The sense of time lapse is disconcerting, seemingly reliant on the drama evoked by the size of the projected images rather than the impact of the work itself.
    • But there was a lapse from the incidence of the first attack to the discovery of the patch when your PC was vulnerable.
    • That was the point that I was going to raise, not only the lapse of time but the cost in terms of both anxiety and financial cost to Mr Mond.
    • After a considerable lapse, we are in the studio of the somewhat older Anna, a photographer taking pictures of Dan.
    • Forty is historically recognised as the number of completion and the lapse of 40 years signifies the passing of a generation.
    • After finding Lily and Rin asleep, the two boys decided they would worry about the time lapse the following day.
    • There was a lapse of three years, while the book was left in America, at the Reynolds home, during which you made no entries.
    • The time lapse - known as a vesting period, acts as an incentive to employees to remain with the company at least until they can reap their rewards.
    • There was a very considerable lapse of time between the initial offences and trial causing difficulty for prosecution and defence.
    • Now, this is primarily because of the distances between the parties involved and the time lapse from creation to launching.
    • At such short distances, this time lapse is, of course, insignificant, but it becomes very significant when looking at stars.
    • Given the lapse of time and considerations of natural justice and cost, resolved that no further disciplinary action be taken by the university.
    • After a lapse of 10 years I returned to Pattaya for my vacation staying at the Sunbeam Hotel.
    • The lapse of time before the first written sources is considerable.
    • It is not there to punish prosecutors for administrative lapses; it is there to protect defendants by ensuring that they are kept in prison awaiting trial no longer than is justifiable.
    • If there has been a ‘merely’ procedural lapse or omission, it may be straightforward to envisage what the course of events would have been if procedures had stayed on track.
    • It was accepted by the respondent that his managerial performance exhibited regrettable lapses and the tribunal can only wholeheartedly agree.
    • So far as they clearly thought this was a serious lapse which they describe as the Appellant abandoning his patient when her condition was still serious, their Lordships entirely agree.
    • The point is that there will be all sorts of lapses on the part of solicitors which amount to professional misconduct.
  • 2

    (project/plan) cancelarse
    (custom/practice) perderse
    (custom/practice) caer en desuso
    (friendship) enfriarse
    his concentration lapsed se desconcentró
  • 3

    (policy/membership/contract) caducar
    (membership/policy/contract) vencer
  • 4

    several hours had lapsed habían transcurrido varias horas