Translation of lard in Spanish:


manteca de cerdo, n.

Pronunciation: /lɑːd//lɑrd/


  • 1

    manteca de cerdo feminine
    grasa de cerdo feminine River Plate
    he's a tub / lump of lard es una bola de grasa

transitive verb

  • 1

    (meat) mechar
    untar con manteca de cerdo
    engrasar con manteca de cerdo
    untar con grasa de cerdo River Plate
    engrasar con grasa de cerdo River Plate
    • I'm rolling in blubber, drowning in my own lard.
    • Prof Barnett and his colleagues have been at the forefront of research into the understanding that fat cells around the waistline are not passive lumps of lard but are highly active, pumping out proteins and hormones.
    • These are essentially sexless mutants who don't waste their energy on looking for Mr or Mrs Right for some fun in the spawning season but devote their instincts on overeating and laying on the lard.
    • But then we would have, wouldn't we, with all the lard we've laid down for winter.
  • 2

    to lard sth with sth salpicar algo de algo
    • her conversation was larded with anecdotes su conversación estuvo salpicada de anécdotas