Translation of large-scale in Spanish:


a escala grande, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlɑːdʒskeɪl//ˈlɑrdʒ ˈˌskeɪl/


  • 1

    (map/model) a escala grande
    • This is a large-scale map to start the listener off on explorations of their own.
    • The only skills needed are to be able to read a large-scale map and to be able to recognise the common water birds likely to be seen along these rivers.
  • 2

    (inquiry/search) en gran escala
    (inquiry/search) a gran escala
    • It is not small food production, but large-scale factory farming, that presents a threat to our health.
    • According to residents, police then began a provocative large-scale mobilisation in the area.
    • Three large-scale agricultural schemes, launched by private companies, all failed.
    • But the prospect of large-scale refugee camps has alarmed aid agencies.
    • There was no large-scale ethnic conflict resulting in a nation wide blood bath.
    • While the feared large-scale violence didn't happen, the vote was marred by bloodshed and unrest.
    • China is undertaking a large-scale legal reform ranging from courts and lawyers to every perspective.
    • Due to globalisation, closures and large-scale retrenchments are taking place.
    • You mention that the breaking up of large-scale commercial agriculture is retrograde.
    • God is thus responsible for bringing into being the large-scale structure of the universe.
    • We have no clue as to any explanation for this large-scale national security situation.
    • She was arrested last month after being accused of large-scale tax evasion.
    • The massive increase in applications has prompted fears nationally that this election could see large-scale fraud.
    • It has analyzed bribery by which areas of business are most ridden by large-scale illegal payoffs.
    • Such a large-scale expansion would be bound to provoke opposition from countryside groups and local residents.
    • The need for a large-scale united level of organizing has now emerged.
    • A number of people were arrested after large-scale disorder broke out at a Bradford nightclub.
    • The prospect of a large-scale boycott - or rejection - of the draft cannot be ignored.
    • For illustration we can pick on just a few unexplained large-scale properties of the Universe.
    • And conservationists believe a large-scale cull could be the best way to stop the water vole becoming extinct.