Translation of largely in Spanish:


en gran parte, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈlɑːdʒli//ˈlɑrdʒli/


  • 1

    (for the most part)
    en gran parte
    en buena parte
    his success is largely due to my efforts su éxito se debe en gran / en buena parte a mis esfuerzos
    • a largely middle-class audience un público mayoritariamente / en su mayoría de clase media
    • Efforts to introduce it to other parts of the world have been largely unsuccessful.
    • His play prior to Augusta had largely been in Europe in very different conditions.
    • In fact, the safety fears that keep many families off boats are largely unwarranted.
    • It hopes the restructuring will be largely in place by the middle of next year.
    • To the extent that this is so it alerts us to a largely hidden aspect of disadvantage.
    • It has been achieved largely without reducing cover prices to shift extra copies.
    • The Celtic fans know the season is over, and that even a win today will be largely meaningless.
    • During that time he has largely been content to let his reports do the talking.
    • If you make assumptions about how the world has changed you usually get it largely wrong.
    • We can offer that largely because of the high number of staff we have and the training the staff have done.
  • 2

    it figures largely in his works ocupa un lugar destacado en su obra