Translation of lash in Spanish:


látigo, n.

Pronunciation /laʃ//læʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (whip) látigo masculine
      (thong) tralla feminine
      • A lash, also of flax, was then attached and the whip was finished.
      • His voice was cool and Andreus raised the lash again threateningly, but was ordered to lower it.
      • I looked up as he came closer, but Andreus coiled up the lash into a plaited leather loop and hit me across the back of the neck with it, forcing my eyes back down.
      • It is not frail and infirm, it is a fighting machine. Entrenched in filth in the centre of the aisle it will without warning extend its wooden lash and administer a swift but excruciating rap to the back of the legs.
      • My fingers are still dripping wet, but the handle to the lash is gripped to prevent it from slipping free from my slick, white scales.
      • A single lash emerged from the ebony handle, but it had been wickedly inlaid with tiny adamantine barbs.
      • Now before you sneer and condemn me to 1,000 strokes of the lash, let me tell you about a little experience I had recently.

    • 1.2(stroke)

      (of whip) latigazo masculine
      (of whip) azote masculine
      (of tail) coletazo masculine
      they felt the lash of his tongue sintieron la mordacidad de su lengua
      • Two popular soccer players were sentenced to 170 lashes last month after they were arrested at a brothel.
      • No one was ever sentenced to 500 lashes for anything during the period of the rightly guided caliphs.
      • She had received thirty lashes and a blow to the face.
      • In support of his case, the elder of the two men claimed he'd been sentenced to 300 lashes and sacked from his job after raping several young men at his workplace.
      • Sancho resigns himself and agrees to the task on the condition that he is not required to draw blood with these whippings and that gentle lashes count too.
      • I circled in the air, taunting her with lashes from my whip.
      • But, as it was a national holiday, the Sheikh decided they should be released after receiving 20 lashes of the whip.
      • Later that day during roll call, Elie's number is called and he is given twenty-five lashes of the whip.
      • It only lasted 10 lashes before the whip went through.
      • Ten lashes of the stock whip got the message across to me.
      • Even asking questions in class warranted a lash of the whip.
      • The young man who was arrested with her was sentenced to 100 lashes and allowed to go free afterwards.
      • Foreigners unfamiliar with local customs often find themselves tied to a post and receiving fifty lashes.
      • As a result he received thirty-nine lashes for a crime for which many were transported or executed.
      • The continuous running is hard on the hobbits, but the orcs persuade them with lashes from a whip.
      • She gave birth when aged nine and was sentenced to 100 lashes for prostitution at about the same time.
      • I hereby sentence you, not to death, but to thirty lashes of the whip.
      • Women, as well as their accomplices, found guilty of this crime received fifty lashes.
      • For lesbian conduct the penalty is 100 lashes from a whip.
      • But the court clerk who read out the official sentence told reporters none of the accused had been sentenced to lashes.

  • 2eyelash

    pestaña feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) azotar
    (person) darle latigazos a
    (horse) fustigar
  • 2

    (beat against)
    the waves lashed the shore las olas azotaban la playa
  • 3

    the whale lashed its tail la ballena daba coletazos / batía la cola
  • 4

    to lash sth to sth amarrar / atar algo a algo
    • they lashed him to a post lo amarraron / lo ataron a un poste
    • to lash sth down amarrar / atar algo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (with whip)
    to lash at sth/sb azotar algo/a algn
  • 2

    to lash against sth azotar algo