Translation of lash in Spanish:


látigo, n.

Pronunciation /laʃ//læʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (whip) látigo masculine
      (thong) tralla feminine
      • I looked up as he came closer, but Andreus coiled up the lash into a plaited leather loop and hit me across the back of the neck with it, forcing my eyes back down.
      • A lash, also of flax, was then attached and the whip was finished.
      • A single lash emerged from the ebony handle, but it had been wickedly inlaid with tiny adamantine barbs.
      • Now before you sneer and condemn me to 1,000 strokes of the lash, let me tell you about a little experience I had recently.
      • It is not frail and infirm, it is a fighting machine. Entrenched in filth in the centre of the aisle it will without warning extend its wooden lash and administer a swift but excruciating rap to the back of the legs.
      • His voice was cool and Andreus raised the lash again threateningly, but was ordered to lower it.
      • My fingers are still dripping wet, but the handle to the lash is gripped to prevent it from slipping free from my slick, white scales.

    • 1.2(stroke)

      (of whip) latigazo masculine
      (of whip) azote masculine
      (of tail) coletazo masculine
      they felt the lash of his tongue sintieron la mordacidad de su lengua
      • In support of his case, the elder of the two men claimed he'd been sentenced to 300 lashes and sacked from his job after raping several young men at his workplace.
      • No one was ever sentenced to 500 lashes for anything during the period of the rightly guided caliphs.
      • But, as it was a national holiday, the Sheikh decided they should be released after receiving 20 lashes of the whip.
      • As a result he received thirty-nine lashes for a crime for which many were transported or executed.
      • Foreigners unfamiliar with local customs often find themselves tied to a post and receiving fifty lashes.
      • For lesbian conduct the penalty is 100 lashes from a whip.
      • Sancho resigns himself and agrees to the task on the condition that he is not required to draw blood with these whippings and that gentle lashes count too.
      • The young man who was arrested with her was sentenced to 100 lashes and allowed to go free afterwards.
      • She had received thirty lashes and a blow to the face.
      • She gave birth when aged nine and was sentenced to 100 lashes for prostitution at about the same time.
      • Later that day during roll call, Elie's number is called and he is given twenty-five lashes of the whip.
      • I hereby sentence you, not to death, but to thirty lashes of the whip.
      • But the court clerk who read out the official sentence told reporters none of the accused had been sentenced to lashes.
      • I circled in the air, taunting her with lashes from my whip.
      • It only lasted 10 lashes before the whip went through.
      • Ten lashes of the stock whip got the message across to me.
      • Even asking questions in class warranted a lash of the whip.
      • Two popular soccer players were sentenced to 170 lashes last month after they were arrested at a brothel.
      • The continuous running is hard on the hobbits, but the orcs persuade them with lashes from a whip.
      • Women, as well as their accomplices, found guilty of this crime received fifty lashes.

  • 2eyelash

    pestaña feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(whip)

      (person) azotar
      (person) darle latigazos a
      (horse) fustigar
      • He still looked as though he'd been lashed by a whip, and he was sitting motionless behind the front desk.
      • When he was lashing me with his whip, it hurt a lot.
      • And we had a couple of Brothers who were pretty generous in lashing us with a cane.
      • This girl wasn't carrying purse or mobile, so to teach her a lesson, the motorbike riders brutally lashed her across the back with a leather belt when going past!
      • Anything less than that could result in a whipping, and no one wanted to be bent over the knee of old Grandfather Windom and be lashed with his belt at the age of eighteen.
      • Women have been lashed for not being properly clothed - for wearing thin socks or brightly coloured shoes - and jailed for speaking to men on the streets.
      • We wanted these manipulative girls and violent boys to be unwashed for a year, unfed for a month, to be lashed, strapped, coshed and whacked.
      • I quickly went to see what the commotion was about and saw that my teacher was soundly lashing a young boy, stripped naked and wrists bound to a column so that he wouldn't escape.
      • Under six years of Islamic fundamentalist rule, Qadratullah was lashed for failing to grow a beard and his wife was beaten for not wearing the all-enveloping burqa.
      • He was forced to farm Arab fields, tied at night, beaten and lashed with a whip for about a year.
      • On another occasion he attacked a journalist who had given him a bad review, bursting into his office and lashing him with a bullwhip.
      • In one instance, they entered a student dormitory brandishing clubs and lashing students with chains.
      • Lauren ignored him and picked up a whip, lashing him again and again until he opened a wound that went to bone.
      • Katie's mother screamed, pulling the whip back to lash Katie.
      • He lashes Tom across the face with a cowhide and strikes him several times, then asks Tom again if he will do it.

    • 1.2(beat against)

      the waves lashed the shore las olas azotaban la playa
      • Richard walks along a barren Irish coast in the rain, waves lashing against his long black coat!
      • As a biting wind lashed Kirkgate and the rain fell from a grey, overcast sky, ordinary people thankful for the extraordinary courage of their police joined officers to pay their respects.
      • The gloomy picture emerged as heavy rain lashed the UK and isolated areas in parts of the country were warned to expect flooding.
      • And then, Hurricane Ivan has lashed the Caribbean.
      • The next item of excitement was the sudden rain that lashed the Montreal circuit.
      • In neighbouring Botswana torrential rains that have lashed the southern, central and eastern parts of the country are now moving towards tourist destinations in the west.
      • Hurricane Emily will be lashing us with rain about the time that I should be doing my Pilates class tomorrow.
      • Flood hell… gale-force winds lashed the reservoir by the top of Blackstone Edge during a fierce storm in 1974, with nearly an inch of rain falling over the weekend.
      • Rita is expected to become a hurricane before lashing the Keys sometime tomorrow and then power its way into the Gulf of Mexico.
      • The heavy rains lashing the City since Saturday have left a wide swathe of death and destruction.
      • Those winds will whip or lash coastal communities and batter barrier islands along the mid-Atlantic.
      • Gales and rain lashed Bolton over the weekend, leaving householders with repair bills running into thousands of pounds.
      • Wilma lashed Key West with 120-mile-an-hour winds for two hours and left much of the island under more than three feet of water.
      • Forecasters said it would lash the shores with strong winds, up to 10 inches of rain and waves up to 20 feet.
      • Officials are warning of flash floods and mud slides, and the outer bands of Ivan are lashing Jamaica with torrential rain and huge waves.
      • Despite gale force winds lashing the Oaks complex on Sunday weights were still well spread around the 64-field on Cedar Lake.
      • Hurricane Dean has been upgraded to a category-five storm as it begins lashing the coast of northern Mexico with winds exceeding 150 mph.
      • Nearly 100 trees were uprooted and branches of over 800 trees were severed due to gusty winds and heavy rains that lashed the City recently.
      • Meanwhile the city saw the usual chaos on the streets as rains lashed the Capital.
      • And speaking of mud, the festival mercifully escaped the rain that was lashing York.

    • 1.3(thrash)

      the whale lashed its tail la ballena daba coletazos / batía la cola

  • 2

    to lash sth to sth amarrar / atar algo a algo
    • they lashed him to a post lo amarraron / lo ataron a un poste
    • to lash sth down amarrar / atar algo
    • But alas, they got into a massive storm; he lashed her to the mast so that she wouldn't be thrown overboard.
    • Kate nodded and quickly saddled her mare and lashed her pack securely onto the saddle.
    • Reed did a bit of quick carpentry to repair the breaks, lashing them back together with something the Vikings could have used, duct tape.
    • I knew it was coming to rescue us so I took down the sail and mast, took up the centerboard and brought in the rudder and lashed it all secure.
    • Kay called, and within a matter of seconds the two vessels were lashed together.
    • She found the lack of a table very frustrating, and she eventually made her own one by lashing together a door frame and pieces of bamboo.
    • On the way they were forced to step over several supply crates, moved to create extra accommodation spaces, which had been lashed to the deck and covered with floorboards.
    • Owing to the steep slope of Quebec roofs, the men must lash themselves to the chimney pots to move about.
    • They were propped up in the crotch of two sticks that were lashed together with a car battery attached to their primers.
    • Two backboards were lashed together, and he was secured to them.
    • Larger beams can be ‘stressed’ by lashing them with heavy chains.
    • The rope was lashed to a wooden beam propping up the craft's skeleton in a manner meant to evoke the contraptions that Chinese children use to catch birds.
    • Ryan lashes the board down, outside his beach hut in Obama.
    • His wrists ached as the rough rope cut into them and even his ankles were lashed together tightly with no room to spare.
    • As the sun sets, Saranne, David, and I stop in a patch of shorter grass, lashing our canoes together and laying plywood boards over them.
    • Alec Danfoss, who farmed land not a kilometre from Karsten had placed his children, Jenny and Julia the six year old twins, and their eight year tainted brother Randall, into his dingy and lashed it to the back of his ox cart.
    • She thrashed around sending the flows everywhere, before they suddenly loosened and disappeared into thin air but there were to many of them and they overwhelmed her, lashing her feet to the earth and binding her arms.
    • He tied the man to the driver seat using some rope in the glove compartment and lashed his hands to the steering wheel.
    • With much heaving and sweating, and a few choice cuss words, he got it wedged up under the axle, and, with the rope from his saddle, he lashed it securely in place.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (with whip)
    to lash at sth/sb azotar algo/a algn
  • 2

    to lash against sth azotar algo