Translation of latch in Spanish:


pasador, n.

Pronunciation /latʃ//lætʃ/


  • 1

    pasador masculine
    pestillo masculine
    (on lock) seguro masculine
    • She pushed a series of buttons on the outside of the door and a latch unhitched.
    • A deadbolt is more secure than a spring-driven latch since it's much harder to push the bolt in from the side of the door.
    • It is a good idea to actually install the spring latch itself in the door temporarily to be sure the plate is properly located.
    • When you depress the spring-loaded latch it opens smoothly on a hinge (also spring loaded).
    • Sturdy metal doors, held shut with spring latches, keep prying eyes and little hands away from the internal components.
    • One latch is spring-loaded and another is a two-position switch that prevents the battery from slipping out accidentally.
    • Outside, several latches disengaged, one after another.
    • There is a second lock preventing the latch from opening the door.
    • John undid the latch and opened the door as if he were breaking in, using his shoulder like a battering ram.
    • The side access panel is secured and released by means of two knurled thumbscrews and a spring-loaded latch.
    • The fore-end is mounted to the barrels not with a cheap spring latch as on late American doubles, but rather with a nicely inlet lever release.
    • The key turned, the latch unlocked and the door opened.
    • The kiln includes a floating door system with four spring door latches and a recess on the inner door surface.
    • I was also very impressed with the ease with which the split rear seats could be dropped using spring-loaded latches.
    • Of course, it is a little late to be thinking about this now, since the plate must align with the spring latch of the lock you just installed.
    • Within seconds, I had located the latch and opened the door.
    • Wasting no time I pulled on my trousers and buckled them, kicking into my shoes and grabbing my shirt and jacket when the door latch opened.
    • He fumbled for the latch to open his door, and left the limousine and the beautiful woman behind as quickly as he could.
    • The latch didn't catch, and the door shivered open.
    • John steps silently into the hallway and closes the door behind him, careful not to make a noise when he presses the button on the metal latch.

transitive verb

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    the door is latched la puerta está con pestillo / con el pasador echado
    • Aimee went into the last cubicle and latched the door, deciding that she should read a book there until the bell rings.
    • She took of her halter, slipped out of the stall, and then closed and latched the stall door.
    • ‘My mother wants to see you,’ Marc said, latching the door softly.
    • Once the viewing was over, they latched the door again, in silence.
    • I latched the glass door, and locked the other one, and then I left for the streets.
    • She shut the door, latched it, and climbed into the driver's seat.
    • Kathryn started as well and quickly slipped from the stall and latched the door.
    • ‘Alright,’ Sam called, exiting the barn and sliding the two large doors shut and latching them.
    • He stepped out of the shed and latched the door behind him just as Trent slammed the tailgate shut.
    • So we latched the door and waited in dark silence with bottles in our hands while four huge dudes tried to kick in the windows and doors yelling at us to come out so they could shoot and kill us.
    • Alexandra did so, quietly shutting and latching the door behind her.
    • After latching the door I turned back into the dark room and froze.
    • Her father walked briskly to the door, and latched it shut, before having a seat at the counter.
    • She latched the door shut as she stepped outside and looked around.
    • He kept disappearing into the toilet where he would latch the door and snort cocaine.
    • Noah latched the gate and turned around, standing next to her.
    • And he shushed her, pulling her into the house, and latching the back door.
    • Kathryn rolled her eyes and latched the door securely.
    • Without waiting for a reply, he latched the door shut again.
    • He nodded to one of the serfs, who turned and latched the door.