Translation of latch in Spanish:


pasador, n.

Pronunciation /latʃ//lætʃ/


  • 1

    pasador masculine
    pestillo masculine
    (on lock) seguro masculine
    the door is on the latch la puerta no está cerrada con llave
    • It is a good idea to actually install the spring latch itself in the door temporarily to be sure the plate is properly located.
    • Wasting no time I pulled on my trousers and buckled them, kicking into my shoes and grabbing my shirt and jacket when the door latch opened.
    • Sturdy metal doors, held shut with spring latches, keep prying eyes and little hands away from the internal components.
    • The side access panel is secured and released by means of two knurled thumbscrews and a spring-loaded latch.
    • A deadbolt is more secure than a spring-driven latch since it's much harder to push the bolt in from the side of the door.
    • One latch is spring-loaded and another is a two-position switch that prevents the battery from slipping out accidentally.
    • The fore-end is mounted to the barrels not with a cheap spring latch as on late American doubles, but rather with a nicely inlet lever release.
    • She pushed a series of buttons on the outside of the door and a latch unhitched.
    • The kiln includes a floating door system with four spring door latches and a recess on the inner door surface.
    • Of course, it is a little late to be thinking about this now, since the plate must align with the spring latch of the lock you just installed.
    • He fumbled for the latch to open his door, and left the limousine and the beautiful woman behind as quickly as he could.
    • John steps silently into the hallway and closes the door behind him, careful not to make a noise when he presses the button on the metal latch.
    • Within seconds, I had located the latch and opened the door.
    • The key turned, the latch unlocked and the door opened.
    • When you depress the spring-loaded latch it opens smoothly on a hinge (also spring loaded).
    • I was also very impressed with the ease with which the split rear seats could be dropped using spring-loaded latches.
    • The latch didn't catch, and the door shivered open.
    • There is a second lock preventing the latch from opening the door.
    • John undid the latch and opened the door as if he were breaking in, using his shoulder like a battering ram.
    • Outside, several latches disengaged, one after another.

transitive verb

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    the door is latched la puerta está con pestillo / con el pasador echado