Translation of latchkey in Spanish:


llave de (la) casa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlætʃˌki//ˈlatʃkiː/


  • 1

    llave de (la) casa feminine
    • Top it off with a V8 engine, a latchkey and booze, and you get the Debbys and Beths, the sad good-time girls.
    • In his testimony before the coroner he explained that having no latchkey and not caring to disturb the sleeping servants, he had, with no clearly defined intention, gone round to the rear of the house.
    • In the early 1920s, I and my elder sister Lettice went to a ball most nights and were not allowed latchkeys.
    • Keoch declined the offer, wishing to be with his family, but offered to drop the others off at the tavern before going home, and passed Rhyll a latchkey to his house, so they could return when they wished.
    • After checking to be sure the latch had caught, so as the door would not swing open with a gust of wind, Evelyn tucked her father's latchkey in her left boot, and walked down the dirt path leading from her house.
    • What bugs me like a flea pancake - aside from the strange latchkey hanging from her belt loop - is the number of necklaces ringing her nape, one of which is so long that it swings down between her thighs.