Translation of lateness in Spanish:


retraso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈleɪtnəs//ˈleɪtnəs/


  • 1

    (of arrival)
    retraso masculine
    tardanza feminine
    continual lateness (of employee, pupil) continuas llegadas tarde
    • We know there was large scale absenteeism and lateness.
    • He made no calls to inform the congregation of his impending lateness.
    • This hectic pace at which we all apparently live leaves little room for lateness.
    • They could impose penalties for lateness, improper hairstyles, or untidiness.
    • He was often late for school himself and attributed much of that lateness to his own household and childcare responsibilities.
    • He unlocked the door, apologizing over his shoulder for the lateness of the receptionist, who typically opened the office.
    • He believes the more sensitive approach to lateness may have a long-term impact on attendance.
    • City of York councillors claimed its lateness was seriously delaying protection of the city.
    • However, if there is no good reason for the lateness, you should start your disciplinary procedure.
    • I had announced myself alongside an apology for my lateness.
    • Lateness or non-attendance inconveniences other patients, depriving them of appointment time.
    • Apparently admonition about his lateness has no effect upon her.
    • Throughout the day, Grant rode through his command rallying the force in spite of the lateness of reinforcements.
    • During the flight the production manager spoke of how he had had to discipline one of his staff for lateness.
    • Tighter controls are being enforced at a York school in an effort to crack down on truancy and lateness.
    • For minor and isolated cases of misconduct, such as lateness for duty, informal disciplinary action involving a verbal or written warning may be taken.
    • Shortly before the second world war began, Renault sacked him for lateness.
    • But he has issued an open letter to parents which takes the extraordinary step of condoning occasional lateness.
    • Please ensure you return promptly as lateness will incur extra charges.
    • The situation arose from the lateness of his instructions for which his clients must accept responsibility.
  • 2

    (being late at night)
    I rang him despite the lateness of the hour lo llamé a pesar de lo tarde que era / de lo avanzado de la hora