Translation of latest in Spanish:


último, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈleɪdɪst//ˈleɪtɪst/


  • 1

    the latest train we can catch el último tren que podemos tomar
  • 2

    (most up to date)
    the latest figures show … las últimas cifras / las cifras más recientes muestran …
    • the latest fashion la última moda
    • the latest navigational system lo último en sistemas de navegación
    • this is the latest in a series of similar incidents este es el más reciente en una serie de incidentes similares


  • 1

    • 1.1(most recent news, development)

      have you heard the latest on … ? ¿has oído lo último que se cuenta de … ?
      • the latest is that … lo último que se sabe es que …

    • 1.2(most up to date)

      the latest in sth lo último / lo más actual en algo
      • the latest in printers lo último en impresoras
      • This is the latest in a number of controversies to blow up over cemetery rules in the York area.
      • This was the latest in a series of pickets which have occurred over the last three years.
      • The vicious attack is the latest in a worrying number of burglaries to hit the area this year.
      • The crimes are the latest in a series of thefts to have taken place around the area.
      • This is just the latest in a series of scams aimed at those trying to find work in the pub trade.
      • This is the latest in a spate of vandal attacks on fire crews and buses in the area.
      • The accident is the latest in a recent spate of serious hit and run collisions in the area.
      • The driving incident is the latest in a series of problems experienced by the star.
      • The great Baltic Index Boom is the third and latest of the mighty booms of our age.
      • The strike is the latest in a wave of action on regional newspapers across Britain.
      • The action is the latest in the five month dispute over plans to slash jobs and wages.
      • An Teallach is the latest of our important natural heritage sites to come up for sale.
      • The theft had been the latest in a series of misfortunes to befall the memorial garden.
      • Norma was just the latest in a long line of partners who had abandoned me in despair.
      • Residents say this is only the latest in a whole string of accidents at the same spot.
      • What is happening today is simply the latest in a series of epochal economic shifts.
      • This is the latest in a long line of sightings of big cat-type creatures in the area.
      • We've been hit with all sorts of things over the past few months and this is just the latest.
      • This is the latest in a series of injuries which have stretched the Lochcarron squad.

  • 2

    • 2.1(sth said, done)

      la última informal
      did you hear Paul's latest? ¿oíste la última de Paul?
      • do you want to hear the latest? ¿te cuento la última?

    • 2.2informal (boyfriend or girlfriend)

      última conquista feminine

  • 3

    (furthest on in time)
    when is the latest I can let you know? ¿para cuándo tengo que darte una respuesta?