Translation of latex in Spanish:


látex, n.

Pronunciation /ˈleɪˌtɛks//ˈleɪtɛks/


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    látex masculine
    (mold/foam) (before noun) de látex
    • Other parts of the painting have the gritty texture of sand, which Sudduth has added to latex paint.
    • Is it possible to purchase this liquid latex in 16-ounce or larger quantities?
    • If you are using latex paints, then you want a synthetic brush like polyester.
    • Either latex or solvent-based paint can be used, but you must use one type only.
    • The water-based latexes of the invention provide stable emulsions containing a blend of waterborne polymer particles which undergo crosslinking upon film formation.
    • For the early experiments in the series reported here a latex enamel paint solution was used to colour the vessels.
    • The couples were randomly assigned to receive latex or polyurethane condoms.
    • They are typically incorporated into the formulation through a latex emulsion.
    • If a plastic moisture barrier is present, either an oil or latex floor coating may be used.
    • Humidity affects the drying time of all paints, but especially latexes.
    • I buy the best grade exterior latex paint, rather than oil or other solvent based paint.
    • Top quality acrylic latex paints are the best choice for exterior surfaces.
    • But probably the best results come when the concrete is modified with polymer latex.
    • A prototype probably, covered in some kind of synthetic latex.
    • The most efficient way to paint a textured ceiling is with spray paint - a flat latex.
    • Pour the liquid latex into the sand and cement mixture and mix it completely with a trowel or other tool.
    • Prime the wall with a low luster latex enamel paint and allow it to dry completely before the next step.
    • The three latexes that are most commonly used in polymer-modified concrete are styrene-butadiene resin, acrylic latex, and vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer.