There are 2 main translations of launch in Spanish

: launch1launch2


botar, v.

Pronunciation /lɔːn(t)ʃ//lɔn(t)ʃ//lɑn(t)ʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1Nautical

      (new vessel) botar
      (lifeboat) echar al agua
      the ship was launched by the princess la princesa fue la madrina en la botadura del buque
      • He said the group had no immediate plans to launch another boat toward the disputed waters.
      • Where the banks of the Clyde once teemed with forests of shipbuilding cranes, launching huge vessels into the river every week, only ghosts remain of this once world-beating industry.
      • The borough council wants to build the slipway on the Hangings to allow the fire and rescue service to launch its boat into the Avon as near as possible to the junction with the Severn.
      • Colleagues who saw the incident from the shore launched a rescue boat and pulled Miss Brown on board.
      • Both Whitby's lifeboats had to be launched to rescue five canoeists who put out to sea in a force nine gale on Saturday.
      • They are expected to have the capacity to launch speed vessels and allow helicopters to operate from their decks.
      • ‘We installed this just before Christmas and the ship will be launched in April,’ he said.
      • Strong northerly winds caused a half-metre drop from expected water levels, which meant it was not safe to launch the vessel, experts said.
      • The other vessel involved was the newly launched steamship Chanticleer, which had been undertaking sea trials at the measured mile at Skelmorlie.
      • If you're looking for a place to launch your boat, I know just the place.
      • The celebrity and fundraiser took time out to officially launch a new boat for disabled people at the Sailing Club at the weekend.
      • They launched the inshore boat and hovercraft to rescue the un-named man with scores of day-trippers, enjoying the sun and seaside, looking on.
      • On Thursday we arrived and were told we couldn't launch boats for a rescue because the local governments were saying the military was taking over.
      • At first light on Saturday, three boats were launched, searching the river from the bridge as far away as Levitstown, four miles downstream.
      • Road ends do not have boat ramps, nor is there sufficient water to launch a boat from a trailer at most road ends.
      • The Minister for the Marine will visit the club early next month to officially launch the boat.
      • Fincantieri were awarded the contract for the Etna in July 1995, and the ship was launched in July 1997.
      • The boats are launched from a slipway into the island's precarious harbour, steered through lulls in the surf and out to passing ships to trade or to load freight.
      • The ship was launched in 1843 and was the first screw driven iron ship to cross the Atlantic.
      • He joked: ‘George launched a ship in Belfast and it was three miles out at sea before he let go of the bottle.’
      • Fire and rescue services were alerted and an inflatable boat was launched.
      • Two European-owned companies plan to launch new ships this year as well.
      • Scouts on watch spotted the diver and kept visual contact while other scouts and adult leaders launched a small boat to rescue the diver.
      • It was a gift from a visiting Greek shipping tycoon who had just launched a new ship called Inca.
      • The speed and the angle of sinking made it extremely difficult to launch the life boats and the first one that did get into the water spilled its occupants into the sea.
      • I would like to know then if I would be allowed to launch my boat in the harbour and leave my car there for safe keeping as I had to buy my licence for my boat at Portnet.
      • It means there are now only limited places along the coastline to launch boats, windsurfers or water bikes.
      • Everyone scattered as some fetched the remains of the food from the kitchen and others launched the boats into the water quickly in readiness.
      • The new purpose-built vessel was officially launched on Monday week last to serve the Rotterdam to Waterford route.
      • The Queen Mother had a long association with the HMS Ark Royal, having launched the ship in 1981 as well as the previous ship of the same name in 1950.
      • The new purpose built vessel was officially launched to serve the Zeebrugge - Waterford route.
      • Could it be that there are no places to launch boats into our river?
      • The ferry stopped, launched a boat and picked them up - they had paddled 14 miles across the Channel - at 7am.
      • This ship was launched in 1937, saw considerable action in the Mediterranean, and was also ultimately responsible for the sinking of the Bismarck.
      • It was officially launched at a ceremony at Skipton Castle on Tuesday.

    • 1.2Aerospace Military

      (satellite/missile) lanzar
      • The space race reaches new lands when the Russian Space Agency launches Nigeria's first satellite.
      • The missile can also be launched immediately without tracking when an unexpected target appears.
      • They plan to launch the satellites on decommissioned Russian missiles.
      • In the course of the Desert Storm war he launched missiles against Saudi Arabia and Israel.
      • Cruise missiles were launched at the wrong targets.
      • Even before a single missile has been launched there has been significant collateral damage, all of it on our own side.
      • The missile can be launched from a mobile launcher and takes about eleven minutes to reach its target.
      • That approach would require much more than sending bombers and launching missiles against terrorists already discovered and recorded.
      • A space war, in which each nation launches its own missile destroying satellites, could be thwarted by a bucket of gravel, according to a report submitted to the United Nations.
      • A space launch vehicle to launch satellites is different than a ballistic missile.
      • The radar's job is to figure out which is the real warhead, so that missile interceptors can be launched to try to stop them.
      • Look, if we saw a nuclear weapon on a missile about to be launched at us, I don't think anybody would disagree, we would have the right to destroy it.
      • Does each decoy need to be launched separately, or can warheads and decoys all be launched on a single missile?
      • Like rockets, a missile can be launched from a single tube or from multiple tubes.
      • As aircraft weapons came along, they were supposed to fire them, release bombs and later launch missiles.
      • A traditional chemical rocket would launch the spacecraft out of Earth orbit.
      • In 1957, the USSR launched the Sputnik, the first artificial earth satellite.
      • Two months later, although not missile related but even more explosive, the Soviets launched the Sputnik I satellite.
      • They have six weapons tubes, used for launching both torpedoes and missiles, and can dive to depths greater than 300 metres.
      • Of course, the U.S. will remain opposed to India launching satellites that have American parts.

    • 1.3(throw)

      • But Pujols kept his head down, fully extended his arms and went with the pitch, launching it over the center field wall.
      • Then he takes one giant stride down the pitch and launches the final ball of the over for six over mid-on.
      • In an instant, both guns were firing away, launching a volley of shells at the remaining enemy Genos.

  • 2

    • 2.1(introduce)

      (service/product) lanzar
      (securities) emitir
      (play/book) lanzar
      • As it happens I will be launching a new product soon that includes some of these elements.
      • The publication was launched with members of the Green Party at London's City Hall this week.
      • The firm launched its product at the end of last year, and already has dozens of customers.
      • Some companies have also launched new products at the fair, the Chief Executive of Innovative Trade Fairs pointed out.
      • We acknowledge that we have chosen an unfortunate time to launch this new product.
      • Point two, should a company have to consult all minority, victim support and disability groups to make sure that are not about to cause offence to anyone before launching a product?
      • One of the largest companies in the world will be launching a new product in Zambia tomorrow.
      • How a product is launched is an important issue.
      • New products will also be launched at these exhibitions.
      • Steve is now looking forward to launching his product in Croydon after its success in Brighton.
      • We do limited press, depending on when we are launching a new product.
      • Today, the association was launching a publication called Reinventing the Town Hall, which includes the results of the competitions at the four authorities and the startling findings.
      • The firm, which makes home security storage systems, is launching a new product at this year's Chelsea Flower Show.
      • A few exhibitors chose to launch their new products at the show.

    • 2.2(initiate)

      (idea/campaign) lanzar
      (company) fundar
      (attack) emprender
      (attack) lanzar
      her speech launched a public debate su discurso desencadenó / suscitó un debate público
      • The Commonwealth Youth Program has agreed to make available a sum of £20,000 to launch a Youth Enterprise Development Fund.
      • She and her colleagues launched the project a few days ago and it's really taken off.
      • Nor could he use it as collateral to raise a loan to develop it, or to launch an alternative enterprise.
      • A left challenge to New Labour was launched at a vibrant convention of the left in the Brent East constituency last week.
      • This week I launched the Making Good Decisions programme for councillors and commissioners.
      • Congratulations are due to the Scottish business leaders who had the vision and enterprise to launch this project.
      • Unicef, Plan and other organisations launched a campaign last June to create awareness of the importance of birth registration.
      • Within hours of its passage, media reform activists were talking about launching a campaign to have other cities do the same.
      • The director said the institute has launched a pioneer project to support the organic farming of crops, fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
      • Earlier this year, the Minster authorities launched the Development Campaign.
      • He's begun by launching an emotive advertising campaign.
      • After the poll tax was defeated in 1991 Scottish Militant Labour was launched as an open political party.
      • Anti-abortion activists launched a petition campaign on January 22 in a bid to overturn the veto.
      • The Yorkshire Project was launched in 1999 with the aim of re-establishing a wild population of the birds in northern England.
      • But what about a person who opts out of his area of learning to launch an enterprise suited to his taste?
      • But at the same time he added that he could not succumb to anybody's criticism when it comes to launching developmental activities with his own funds.
      • The Buy a Brick Campaign was launched to coincide with the start of building work on the hospice site, and was a simple and practical way for supporters to contribute to the appeal.
      • Tenants and local community activists also held a public meeting on the Thursday night to launch the Campaign For A No Vote.
      • So I knocked off an incredibly quick webpage launching the Campaign For Better Namesakes.
      • He said Martin wanted to launch campaigns to ‘bring some common sense and decency’ into the British legal system.

    • 2.3(give a start to)

      he launched her on her film career la lanzó en su carrera cinematográfica
      • once he's launched on that topic, there's no stopping him cuando empieza a hablar de ese tema, no hay quien lo pare


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (of new vessel) botadura feminine
      (al agua) (of lifeboat) lanzamiento masculine
      • We could have sworn that the downloading of music took off with the launch of Napster.
      • All the hard work of the previous day is now paying off as they make clean launches with straight flights and stand up landings.
      • In their view, one year's delay in launch, for instance, would not damage the business opportunity irreparably.
      • It is the driver who controls the launch, flight and decent by adjusting the speed and direction of the jeep.
      • This followed the launch of these flights in March.
      • The exercises saw successful missile launches, artillery firing and torpedo runs.
      • They want to mandate at least three useful views of any space shuttle launch.
      • Since its launch at the beginning of last year, the column has never fallen off the top three ‘most read’ pages of the paper.
      • The technicians were putting in place the final details relating to Monday's scheduled rocket launch.
      • The next big step in our effort to conquer space was the launch of the space shuttle in 1981.
      • The launch of flights between Singapore and Jakarta, which has been stalled since May amid air traffic wrangles, is now scheduled for the end of this month.
      • An existing satellite system designed to detect and track ballistic missile launches is currently being upgraded.
      • The company had pushed its launch date from March to the end of June.
      • The following day saw the launch of flights to Nakhon Ratchasima, priced from a mere 450 baht.
      • Today's launch comes less than two weeks after the company announced plans to axe 3000 jobs.
      • A total of 20 flight demonstration launches were conducted from a ground platform.
      • The airline on Tuesday also announced the launch of a three-times-a-week flight on the Amsterdam-Hyderabad sector from the same day.
      • Have great flights and safe launches and landings!
      • The formal launch of the campaign on October 5 showed the determination of all candidates to reach every possible voter.
      • The new magazine will come out with 50,000 copies together with the launch of the new instant messaging service.

    • 1.2(of rocket, missile)

      lanzamiento masculine
      before noun launch site emplazamiento de lanzamiento masculine

  • 2

    (of product, project, campaign) lanzamiento masculine
    (of shares, stocks) emisión feminine
    (of company) fundación feminine
    (party/date) (before noun) de lanzamiento
    • Another effective strategy of communications is inviting not only the dealers but also customers to special events and new product launches.
    • How do you get that many journalists to take time out and attend your product launch?
    • The versatile space makes it an excellent choice of venue for conferences, meetings, product launches, functions and events.
    • It comes through compèring public functions, product launches, dealer meets and by anchoring programmes in television channels.
    • The launch of this new publication will take place at the conference room of the NIC building on the Waterfront, at 7 pm this evening.
    • During the day, the venue will be used for product launches and wedding receptions.
    • It makes 1m a year from renting out the galleries for conferences, drinks parties, dinners and product launches.
    • The book launch and lecture are happening on November 25 at 8pm.
    • Running until Sunday, the festival has a diverse programme of events including lectures, book launches, workshops, debates, symposia, film and art.
    • The award includes publication and launch of his book at next year's Writers' Week in Listowel.
    • Product launch and program management is becoming an increasingly critical element of supplier competitiveness.
    • The occasion also marked the official launch of a new book on Admiral Brown.
    • His wife Ann attended yesterday's launch with her two sons and daughter.
    • Officials from businesses, local hospital trusts and academia attended yesterday's launch.
    • The boat is available for receptions, gala dinners, product launches and business breakfasts.
    • Tim was happy to sign copies of his book for those who attended his book launch.
    • It will be open to the public and is also available for corporate entertainment and product launches.
    • I'm about to head off to a launch party for an Oxford play.
    • The on-site events team will ensure that conferences, meetings, product launches and exhibitions run smoothly.
    • More often than not, one of the keys to a successful product launch is surprise and first mover advantage.

There are 2 main translations of launch in Spanish

: launch1launch2


lancha (a motor), n.

Pronunciation /lɔn(t)ʃ//lɑn(t)ʃ//lɔːn(t)ʃ/



  • 1

    lancha (a motor) feminine
    motora feminine
    • You can tie up your own tender at the dinghy docks or go ashore in one of the harbor launches.
    • The Corps also purchased a motor launch and put her to work for the Fort Peck District.
    • On May 22 I joined a small group from the American Museum of Natural History in a motor launch at Niantic, Connecticut.
    • The launch would do the trips in quite heavy seas and cancellations for bad weather were rare.
    • The company has a fleet of 15-feet motor boats for hire, plus electric launches and a day-hire sailing boat.
    • He returned the salute as the warship gathered speed, picked up her guard of Police escort launches and headed for the open sea.
    • Your launch trip gives you a thirty minute visit.
    • The launches moved to intercept but were no match for the smaller craft, which was loaded with explosives.
    • I decided to man the launch and left my shipmate to finish the starboard tire-without supervision.
    • Managing to escape detection, they went aboard a Thai police motor launch.
    • Ahead of the convoys were processions of mine sweepers, Coast Guard cutters, buoy-layers and motor launches.
    • Part of the group rode in two support motor launches.
    • They come in with motor launches at the dead of night.
    • Motor-driven launches, powerboats, pedal boats and rowboats are in great demand in the tourist spots of Veli-Akkulam.
    • They were joined by high-speed launches from the Thames police marine support unit.
    • During this time, they have launched hundreds of boats ranging from 20-foot steam launches to 40-foot schooners.
    • Ten minutes ago two attack helicopters peeled off overhead, circling London in tight formation and I could see police launches on the Thames.
    • They are used by wealthy individuals who have a fleet of expensive cars to protect them from bad weather and other damage, and also by a string of car manufacturers for motor launches.
    • When the council last advertised it said suitable candidates must have between ten and 15 rowing boats, a motor launch, a river boom and be suitable qualified in life saving.
    • She spent more than five hours in the cold waters of Gare Loch, concealing herself from police launches and searchlights and penetrating the floating barrier surrounding the berth.
  • 2

    (on warship)
    lancha feminine