Translation of launch vehicle in Spanish:

launch vehicle

plataforma lanzamisiles, n.


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    plataforma lanzamisiles feminine
    • Although the Chinese have reportedly studied a launch vehicle capable of launching up to 70 metric tons, they have provided no indication that they intend to build it.
    • This launch vehicle carries a triple launcher which is raised for firing, with the armor plates moving to the side.
    • It is then mounted to the launch vehicle using a special adaptor that will release it into space once the rocket has done its job.
    • With the final selection of an architecture, full-scale development of a reusable launch vehicle could begin around the middle of this decade.
    • The first launch of any new rocket is risky and few companies will want to put their very expensive new spacecraft on an untried launch vehicle.
    • The problem, of course, is that one cannot by a launch vehicle by the pound: you either buy the entire vehicle, at perhaps a billion dollars in this case, or nothing at all.
    • Its solid rocket motor ignited 5.2 seconds later sending the launch vehicle and research vehicle payload on its test flight.
    • But the shuttle was still the launch vehicle that government programs were required to use, and it was subsidized in a manner to make sure no commercial competitors arose.
    • The aircraft will climb to approximately 39,000 feet and release the launch vehicle and payload.
    • Each ground system comprises a mobile ground control station with a datalink communications vehicle, a launch vehicle, a recovery vehicle and a refurbishing vehicle.
    • Spacecraft operations engineers take control of the satellite after it separates from the launch vehicle up to the time when the satellite is safely positioned in its final nominal orbit.
    • A kind of rocket-powered taxicab called a launch vehicle carries a satellite from earth into space.
    • Both proposals are for complete missions, including launch vehicle, spacecraft and science instrument payload.
    • The only regulatory regime that we have that allows safe flight for the general public while permitting revenue operation of untried vehicles is the launch vehicle regulatory regime.
    • However, launch vehicle and spacecraft representatives will be available afterward to informally answer questions from the media.
    • Using composite materials to reduce vehicle weight is one of the keys to successfully developing a single-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle.
    • GPS managers faced the need to find a new launch vehicle for the now-grounded space shuttle and finish the still incomplete second-generation of satellites.
    • The launch vehicle pushes the spacecraft onto a heading that pushes it in the direction of a final destination.
    • A reusable launch vehicle program could be done for one to two billion dollars a year.
    • This had worked well, since there was an obvious difference between a suborbital and orbital launch, and little chance of confusing a launch vehicle with an aircraft.