Translation of lav in Spanish:


retrete, n.

Pronunciation /læv//lav/


informal, dated

  • 1

    retrete masculine dated
    • The red-headed guy goes back to the club, meets a man in the lav, is drugged and wakes up in a deserted industrial area.
    • It seems the ideal apparatus for the city's beautiful people to make grand entrances down after popping to the lav.
    • It's a book designed for the lav but destined to be discussed for years.
    • An occasional escorted walk up or down the aisle to or from the lav or alternating seats next to the window also eased the boredom.
    • By the end of the journey, he can find himself caught seriously short, so the aromatic cubicles that pass for lavs at Bondi Junction station become sanctuaries of blessed relief.
    • When it was my turn, I headed down to the lavs and to the lone cubicle, only for some shirt wearing bloke to slip in ahead of me.
    • Would have made sure I went to the lav before I left.
    • Yes even an outside lav, as theatre is all about displacing reality and letting imagination do the rest.
    • The boy standing in the airplane lav with his mother wasn't happy.
    • Call centre staff, it seems, are watched very closely to make sure they are not spending valuable company time on the lav.
    • Next morning he feels like hell, is sick in the lav and finds more bottles in the fridge.
    • That explains why everybody had to use the lav at the same time.
    • While waiting for the lav, I struck up a conversation with Miss Navy and Mauve and Mr. Green and Khaki.
    • Apparently, before I conked out in her loo, I did some of the crossword in the magazine by her lav.
    • It's not that I'm afraid to fly, but I hate the hassle of standing in this line and then standing in that line - heck, there's usually a line for the lav on the plane!
    • How long should you leave it before using the lav after somebody has come out of there?
    • ‘We have revived an old pub tradition,’ said the landlord, whose cheeky poem placed above the lav explains the ritual.
    • I read about classic Tommy Boy recordings in a three year old magazine while I was on the lav this morning.