Translation of lavatory paper in Spanish:

lavatory paper

papel higiénico, n.


  • 1

    papel higiénico masculine
    papel confort masculine Chile
    • I believed he was telling me to purchase lavatory paper.
    • Aloe vera is something you may have noticed sneaking into most of your toiletries: your moisturiser, deodorant, shaving cream, toothpaste - even your lavatory paper, for goodness sake.
    • To my eyes, the big aluminium doorhandles have too much in common with mismounted lavatory paper dispensers to come off as a style classic.
    • Occasionally my mother would find a lavatory paper called ‘San Izal’ - it was impregnated with a horrible disinfectant which smelled like tarmacadum.
    • Some of the youngsters would bring their own lavatory paper rather than use the harsh brand provided.
    • First I was asked to observe how the roll of lavatory paper was divided into separate sheets with perforated lines between them.
    • Well, it's now gone up to an astonishing £1.95 and as it's printed on shiny paper these days it probably wouldn't be much good as lavatory paper anyway.
    • There's only one sensible plan: the Government should allow only one shop to sell lavatory paper, and work out what price it should charge.
    • They could certainly buy a lot of lavatory paper with it.
    • I come down here, to get some lavatory paper and she starts asking me the most insulting personal things I've heard in my life.
    • Human rights organisations have uncovered evidence of prisoners, mainly illegal immigrants, going without food, drink and lavatory paper as they huddle together for warmth.
    • I have more than enough lavatory paper at home, thanks all the same.
    • There was no lavatory paper in the toilets across the yard.
    • He hands me a receipt on a square of brown lavatory paper, which is useful because it's the only lavatory paper in the place.