Translation of lavender in Spanish:


lavanda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlav(ə)ndə//ˈlævəndər/


  • 1

    lavanda feminine
    espliego masculine
    (bag/sachet) (before noun) de lavanda
    (bag/sachet) (before noun) de espliego
    lavender bush planta de lavanda / espliego feminine
    • Climbing roses, jasmine and honeysuckle were trained up the walls and rosemary and lavender borders lined the flower beds.
    • Plants were selected for their scent - rosemary, lavender, and sage, for instance.
    • The Shakespeare Garden is planted with herbs referred to by Shakespeare in his plays, including mint, camomile, marjoram and lavender.
    • Basil, marjoram and thyme grow well in small containers; bay, lavender and rosemary need larger ones.
    • We just stood there in the semidarkness of the back garden, with the smells of early blooming lavender, chamomile and mint filled the unusually warm air for late January.
    • They can be trimmed almost like a topiary, if you want to use miniature box, lavender or germander.
    • A heady, often impenetrable mix of shrubs, herbs and wild flowers, such as lavender, myrtle, marjoram and thyme, its elusive scent permeates everything from the wine to the honey.
    • The sensory garden would include scented flowers, such as lavender and honeysuckle, and a water feature.
    • Stepping off the ferry, I am overwhelmed by the perfumes of rosemary, sage and lavender.
    • He used Mediterranean and dry-climate plants such as lavender, salvia, santolina, and other plants that conserve moisture.
    • There are also some permanent plants in the beds - mostly aromatics like lavender and salvia.
    • But the vital feature of a garden is to have things you can touch and smell: rosemary, lavender and lemon-scented geraniums.
    • Prune grey-leaved shrubs such as artemisia, lavender, sage and senecio to new shoots within 10 cm of the base.
    • On the way the aroma of fields of lavender, rosemary and pine fill the car, and everywhere the stately march of the thousands of cropped vines in the fields.
    • We've got hawthorn, gingko, elder, mullein, lavender, sage, thyme, echinacea, borage, yarrow and plenty of pine trees.
    • Compact herbs such as chives, dwarf basil, lavender, and oregano fit nicely into the openings of concrete blocks.
    • You also can plant lavender, oregano, thyme, rosemary and sage.
    • Thyme, rosemary, marjoram and lavender will act as a magnet for bees and butterflies.
    • And be sure to include herbs: fennel, oregano, lavender, bee balm, and sage.
    • Shrub roses underplanted with catmint or lavender will seldom suffer from greenfly infestations.
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    azul lavanda masculine
    (dress/paint) (invariable adjective) (before noun) azul lavanda
    • Its gracefully arching branches are loaded with clusters of cool pink flowers hinting of lavender.
    • Mama told me to wear my lavender morning dress and to plait my hair with the matching ribbons I had.
    • He then found a tight-fitting lavender halter-top that matched almost perfectly.
    • Some are white, many in hues of lavender and lilac, pale mauves and deep purples, and a host of other colors.
    • Then suddenly they erupt with snapdragon-like flowers that range in color from white to pink, lavender and purple.
    • Walls, blinds and tablecloths were in misty shades of lavender blue and mauve.
    • Structures have been strengthened, archways rebuilt, mosaic floors retiled and chapels repainted - lavender blue, daffodil yellow, sunset red.
    • For example, in spring, the guests wear sky blue, grass green, pale rose, lavender, and buttercup yellow.
    • Allison picked out a nice lavender and white flower printed summer dress with loose straps and a cut along the side only going up as far as the knee.
    • She wore a lavender linen robe with a wide violet sash wrapped around her midsection.
    • A bit of pale, lavender blue thread looped around the needle's eye.
    • The 20-30 light lavender, bell-shaped flowers are fertile and funnel shaped.
    • She wore icy lavender eyeshadow that was pale compared to her lightly tanned skin and dark purple lipstick outlined her lips.
    • Her's were a soft lavender, the only time I'd ever see that color.
    • The flowers fade to a shade of lavender, so it looks like lots of different flowers on one plant.
    • The yellow and the lavender intermingled, one color coming in and out of the other.
    • She wears a dress of lavender and purples that blended so well together it stunned me.
    • Most flowers are lavender, purple, or fluorescent pink.
    • The walls were painted a calm lavender, with my mom's most recent doodlings of clouds.
    • The walls were a light lavender, the floor and ceiling were white.