Translation of lavender water in Spanish:

lavender water

agua de lavanda, n.


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    (with masculine article in the singular) agua de lavanda feminine
    lavanda feminine
    • The lavender water smells better to me, but I think the rosewater suits you best.
    • A toning lotion with a much-cherished scent, lavender water purifies the skin while promoting its regeneration.
    • Mist your pillows and sheets lightly with the lavender water just before bedtime to promote relaxation and rest.
    • With organic lavender water and red clover, the mist refreshes hair after a workout so you don't have to rewash it.
    • Scented waters, such as lavender water, are a great way to infuse a heavenly, yet subtle smell into your clothing.
    • Rose water and lavender water offer you a playful and safe way to enjoy aroma on a daily basis.
    • This is a true lavender water and your linens will have the aroma of having been air-dried on the lavender bush!
    • Add 1 cup of lavender water to your bath while the water is running from the taps.
    • It contains 100 percent organic lavender water, which helps smooth hair.
    • With the saucepan lid still on, allow the lavender water to cool.
    • The secret: an aromatic mix of organic lavender water, orange, marjoram, rosemary, vetiver and cinnamon.
    • Both rose water and orange blossom water were first distilled in the 10th century, followed by lavender water in the 12 th century.
    • We have an old restless dog that has a hard time settling down at night, so one night out of desperation, I misted her with the lavender water and she lay down and went to sleep.
    • By the fourteenth century, lavender water was so popular that the French King Charles V had lavender planted in the gardens at the Louvre to ensure the supply.
    • Using the same water as that of the first two bowls, add some perfume drops, rose water, lavender water, rosemary water, or saffron.
    • Best of all, I can make lavender water from my favorite lavender oil, rather than settle for commercial products that I don't like as well.