Translation of lavish in Spanish:


espléndido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlævɪʃ//ˈlavɪʃ/


  • 1

    (generous, extravagant)
    (person) espléndido
    (person) generoso
    (lifestyle) de derroche
    (lifestyle) de despilfarro
    he was very lavish with the champagne fue muy espléndido / generoso con el champán
    • she was lavish in / with her praise no escatimó elogios
    • He was a lavish philanthropist, endowing hospitals and libraries as well as the famous art gallery.
    • Sometimes they cannot afford much, and in times of crisis, even when they are lavish it does not feel like enough.
    • He was lavish with her, but not like the movie would have you believe.
    • They're not extravagant or lavish, really, but he runs into the kitchen and stands on my feet every time he hears me open the cupboard.
    • There was one exception to his lavish generosity.
  • 2

    (large, sumptuous)
    (helping) generoso
    (helping) abundante
    (gift) espléndido
    (gift) generoso
    (meal/party) magnífico
    (meal/party) espléndido
    (production/costumes) fastuoso
    the lavish splendor of the banqueting hall el lujoso esplendor de la sala de banquetes
    • They are generous, petty, lavish with their opinions, open-hearted.
    • Well, I think it is rather lavish.
    • That gave Ellen a golden opportunity to shower the couple with some pretty lavish baby gifts.
    • Other funds paid for their first-class travel or covered lavish gifts.
    • This lavish, opulent approach - one might call it ‘good taste with good humour’ - is typical of her style.
    • A husband not believing in spending much on gifts is usually mated to a woman who believes in giving lavish gifts as tokens of love.
    • This need not be a problem if they don't get lavish gifts for the godchild and if your other children have godparents who spend special time with them.
    • Only in sports do we generally find plush, sumptuous, lavish condominium accommodations.
    • The directors' lavish lifestyles and sumptuous houses on the outskirts of Sydney raised the heckles of the Australian public.
    • He also lives the kind of lavish lifestyle that also doesn't come cheaply.
    • She receives lavish gifts and letters with armorial seals from far-away places, possibly from a lover.
    • There was also a live concert of indigenous music and a lavish banquet.
    • I only wish for a small wedding, no gifts or lavish food or gowns, just my family and their blessings.
    • Any time your children show good manners - which is at the heart of being considerate and kind - lavish praise on them.
    • He hates exchanging gifts (I'm not big on lavish gifting myself) and really isn't in to all the hype.
    • Ngaanyatjarra is an especially rich and lavish language, both in its grades of meaning and its structure and its sound.
    • Gone were the lavish decorations that had adorned the walls to celebrate their arrival that first time, but even so it was still far too overly decorated for Matthew's taste.
    • I had twin sons and lived a rather lavish lifestyle.
    • True, beyond lavish praise, Los Angeles has always been a place of dreams and metaphors.
    • The lavish praise is only possible because the book note is riddled with factual errors and misleading innuendo from start to finish.
    • It's not the affection that she enjoys, but rather the lavish gifts that are tossed her way.
    • He threw some of the most lavish parties Fort Worth had ever seen.
    • This is a genuine reflection of his entire approach which in recent days has evoked lavish praise in the financial press on both sides of the English Channel.
    • After the meeting, the resort laid on a lavish Hawaiian style buffet on the beachfront.
    • The Queen will get things under way on Thursday night at a lavish opening ceremony.
    • If you're not ready to spoil your pet with lavish gifts and gourmet treats just yet, start small.
    • The perfect spot for calm and quiet intimacy before more lavish dinners, drinks and dancing on the upper floors.
    • Of course the costumes and sets are lush and lavish.
    • But it was the landscape that attracted his most lavish praise as they traveled.
    • The buildings in the Arts District were all designed with fancy and expensive, lavish architecture.
    • He paid lavish praise to the girls for their wonderful liturgy.
    • In some parts of the country, where children's parties are big business, youngsters can leave with lavish gifts.
    • Witness their lavish praise for the ‘nice and friendly’ treatment they got on a return visit for a check-up.
    • As a newly promoted side, anywhere in the top 10 will earn lavish praise.
    • It was in his time that the use of rosewater as a flavouring for food came into vogue in the lavish and sumptuous cuisine of the Arabs.
    • There was an unending search for blockbusters that depended on lavish sets and costly special effects, to draw crowds into the cinema halls.
    • The dinner and drinking party was a favourite theme in the lavish paintings which adorned their tombs.
    • There were various celebrations honoring the gods, often accompanied by lavish banquets.
    • The surveillance team was rewarded with leftovers from the lavish banquets, which were much better than their usual fare.
    • The new team, despite being warned, bestowed lavish gifts upon that one man.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to lavish sth on / upon sb no escatimar(le) algo a algn
    • she lavishes attention upon the children se desvive por los niños
    • But nobody can fault him for not lavishing enough hyperbole on his creation.
    • Over the next three meals, she had steadily turned up the heat, and all he ever did was lavish compliments on the quality and quantity of the food.
    • She also ran up a £7,000 shoe bill and lavished gifts on friends and relations.
    • They have spent years lavishing their love on scores of disadvantaged and special needs children.
    • In ever greater numbers, collectors lavished their treasures on the museum.
    • Did you regret lavishing such care on my education when I used it to sever all dependency as soon as I could?
    • The Government has also lavished funds on the constituency over the past year and sent a record number of ministers to attend events there.
    • He has always enjoyed the champagne lifestyle, wining and dining a succession of girlfriends and lavishing presents on friends.
    • He was riding on the success of the publications of The Happy Prince, Dorian Gray and the staging of Lady Windermere's Fan in 1892, lavishing gifts on his friends.
    • They lavished many gifts on the King, and they praised his advisers for their wisdom in bringing the palace to completion.