Translation of lawmaker in Spanish:


legislador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɔːmeɪkə//ˈlɔˌmeɪkər/


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    legislador masculine
    legisladora feminine
    • They want corrupt lawmakers to be ousted and duly punished under any circumstances.
    • As such, it said, the lawmakers and judiciary ought also to be blamed for the lack of job opportunities.
    • Attempts by lawmakers of the democratic camp to relax controls of the legislation were also blocked.
    • Part of the problem is that congressional lawmakers keep a close ear to the ground.
    • The voice vote let lawmakers sidestep the roll call that usually accompanies major legislation.
    • Tempers gradually cooled, but not until after a push by lawmakers to recall the president fizzled out.
    • It was a real lowpoint in Parliament as lawmakers mourned their able colleague but the point was made.
    • He is expected to meet with French lawmakers and senior Foreign Ministry officials Tuesday.
    • There are a total of nine independent lawmakers in the current legislature.
    • It seems that lawmakers are ignoring public opinion in making such an absurd decision.
    • The public know the opposition lawmakers would be to blame if a no-confidence vote is pushed through.
    • If elected, he would be one of the few lawmakers elected to office in two states.
    • This means that half of all the lawmakers may represent only a quarter of the voters.
    • When the president was a lawmaker he did not get along well with conservative papers.
    • Without the power of detention, prosecutors cannot force lawmakers to appear in court.
    • Policy-making was difficult and lawmakers are still faced with a backlog of dozens of laws.
    • State lawmakers are passing laws that level the playing field for divorcing dads.
    • The Magna Carta does not, as I understand it, curtail the sovereignty of the proper lawmaker to make what laws seem fit to him.
    • The individual lawmakers are untouchable for anything they do as legislators.
    • He remained a lawmaker in the Harare parliament until his death.