Translation of laxative in Spanish:


laxante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlæksədɪv//ˈlaksətɪv/


  • 1

    laxante masculine
    (effect) (before noun) laxante
    • If the diverticulitis is not severe, treatment will be with painkillers, antibiotics, laxatives and dietary advice.
    • Osmotic laxatives such as lactulose are effective alternatives to soften hard stools.
    • For constipation, an osmotic laxative is preferred over stimulant laxatives.
    • Her doctor has told her that strong laxatives are dangerous.
    • You must take bulk-forming laxatives daily for the best effect.
    • If you're pregnant, seek your doctor's advice before using laxatives.
    • Herbal laxatives and diuretics may result in temporary weight loss.
    • People who rely on harsh laxatives may find that they too get caught up in a vicious cycle.
    • Functional fibre is found in bulk laxatives, fortified foods, beverages, and dietary supplements.
    • Ask your doctor or nurse about the use of stool softeners or laxatives.
    • If the diet cannot be modified in this way, adding bulk laxatives may be necessary; they can prevent worsening of the condition.
    • However, bulimics then ‘purge’ the food they have eaten through self-induced vomiting or by taking laxatives.
    • Giving hospital patients laxatives and sedatives cries out for scientific scrutiny, to prove that their routine use is not harmful.
    • In fact, using laxatives unnecessarily can actually cause constipation.
    • When taking a medical history, it is also important to take a dietary history to ask about the use of laxatives or diuretics.
    • Does she take laxatives or diuretics to lose weight?
    • Haemorrhoids should be managed conservatively, using laxatives and dietary fibre.
    • In the United States, more than $800 million is spent on laxatives each year.
    • Make sure the patient receives adequate fiber in their diet, but avoid laxatives and enemas.
    • Your doctor may also ask you if you take any medicines such as birth control pills, laxatives or diet pills.