Translation of layer in Spanish:


capa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈleɪər//ˈleɪə/


  • 1

    (of dust, paint, snow) capa feminine
    (of rock, sediment) capa feminine
    (of rock, sediment) estrato masculine
    her hair was cut in layers llevaba el pelo cortado en capas
    • the novel has several layers of meaning la novela tiene varias lecturas / interpretaciones
    • Arrange a layer of fish, skin side down, at the bottom.
    • These tissues then provide a layer of insulation between the body core and the surface.
    • Like your eyelashes, so blond they were only noticeable when you blinked and the top row met the bottom in a layer of double thickness.
    • Once the desired quantity of trees had been installed, a layer of geotextile material was deposited on top to keep contaminants out of the stream.
    • Cut the pasta sheets to size and arrange a layer of pasta over the base of the dish.
    • In the case of a wall like this, because it's very densely packed, and then it is coated with a layer of plaster inside and outside, it's a zero fire hazard.
    • Then they covered the surface with a layer of hydrogen atoms.
    • It has the same sidecut as the original, with changed graphics and a layer of metalic material.
    • Over that there was a layer of soft black material, open at the front to show the red dress beneath.
    • Then an insulator material is layered over the base, followed by a layer of superconducting material.
    • In fresh, unhomogenized milk the droplets of fat float to the surface, forming a layer of ‘top of milk’.
    • The glass is 1.5 inches thick with a layer of material sandwiched in between to further improve blast resistance.
    • Most polishes and waxes leave a layer of wax on surfaces to protect finish.
    • I hope you're aware that these walls are only a layer of sheet rock and a bit of plaster!
    • Repeat until you have 3 layers of pumpkin filling, finishing with a layer of lasagne sheets.
    • Further, the ionization of the gas by the electrons removes the need to coat the sample with a layer of conductive material.
    • Depending on various factors, you might need to place a layer of base material on top of the subgrade.
    • It was a layer of slime that coated every surface, reducing all materials to the same revolting color and dimming the lights to an anemic yellow.
    • Thatch is a layer of fibrous material, which if it becomes too deep, prevents proper drainage of rain.
    • In all cases, evaporation from the pots was minimized by covering the exposed surface with a layer of filter paper.
  • 2

    • 2.1(hen)

      ponedora feminine
      gallina ponedora feminine
      • The actor is a former asphalt layer who is renowned in television circles for his singing voice.

    • 2.2(plant)

      acodo masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (arrange in layers)
    I had my hair layered me corté el pelo a capas Spain
    • layer the pasta and the sauce in a dish ponga la pasta y la salsa en capas en una fuente
    • Ashlee's hair is layered to just below her shoulders.
    • My formerly straight hair was now layered and somewhat puffy.
    • At the moment her hair was layered, and light brown with hot pink tips.
    • I layered my hair, I wore clogs, I floated around in gauzy peasant shirts and played my folk guitar.
    • Abby had flared out layered blonde hair with red highlights throughout and steaming brown eyes.
    • I pulled a brush through my long and layered black hair.
    • Alex had shoulder length, layered blonde hair and perfectly shaped eyebrows that came with a set of perfect brown, cat-like eyes.
    • She watched as a woman entered the room, pushing layered gold-brown hair away from her face.
    • Her hair was perfectly layered and moved beautifully around her throughout the episode!
    • Her long, black hair was layered and strewn seductively over her shoulders and back.
    • Tilting my head, I saw Gabby along with the whole squad of Freshmen cheerleaders, all seemingly identical with their uniforms, long nails, pouty lips, and layered hair.
    • She has short, red, layered hair that stops just below her ears.
    • He had layered red hair, the longest parts reaching just past the nape of his neck, which flipped around his head in a semi-messy manner.
    • The first female had layered blond hair and glittering green eyes.
    • Find and inspect some pictures of people with curly, layered hair.
    • His hair was layered and flipped out in different directions.
    • He had long, straight, layered brown hair and green eyes.
    • She twirled her fingers in his long, artfully layered auburn hair.
    • Other than the cut, they also layered my hair all over the back to give it more body but left the front layers long and without any tapering in order to better frame my face.
    • She had long layered black hair, which looked bluish purple in some light.
  • 2

    (plant) acodar
    • It is also propagated by layering, divisions and by seed which it sets in profusion.
    • In most cases you are advised to leave the layering until the plant is in growth the following year.
    • One of the easiest ways to propagate shrubs is by layering - bending down a branch so it roots directly in the soil.
    • Some plants propagate naturally by layering, but sometimes plant propagators assist the process.
    • Autumn or early spring is a good time to start layering a shrub.
    • Rather than buying more plants, Eva propagates her own by layering.
    • Autumn is a good time to propagate shrubs by layering, a simple technique that can also be done in spring.
    • Propagation can be done by air layering but patience is required as it may take awhile before layered segments root and can be removed from the parent plant.
    • To propagate, follow the same procedure as with red currants - take cuttings in late fall or early spring, or propagate by layering.
    • If you're planning to share this shrub with a friend, you can layer it directly into a pot.
    • Raise new plants from seeds or cuttings, and by layering, and provide support with trellises, pergolas and other structures.
    • He keeps his going to get a second crop by layering it.
    • Because it required excessive care and patience, air layering was used only by the highly trained plantsman.