Translation of layover in Spanish:


parada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈleɪˌoʊvər//ˈleɪəʊvə/



  • 1

    parada feminine
    alto masculine
    Aviation escala feminine
    • You become uncomfortably aware of stasis - standing roadside with your thumb out, waiting in Seattle for a three-hour layover, sleeping in an Alberta hostel.
    • In one case, the cooperative art dealers didn't even bother to ship the paintings for a brief layover in New Hampshire.
    • Nor was he told where he would be going during a four-hour layover.
    • And I was there for the past two weeks, and I was on my way back from there and had the layover in Paris, and that's how I wound up on this flight.
    • My wife and I went on our honeymoon last month and saw this ring during a layover in Paris on the way to the Seychelles.
    • After David went on his way, the rest of us milled about the airport for the rest of our layover.
    • They don't overrun the place; it's just that their presence is more obvious tonight (this morning) than I've noticed in past overnight layovers here.
    • He claimed that my town was ‘on his way’ to Denver, but in truth his little layover added at least two hours of driving time to his vacation.
    • A thousand miles from anywhere, the Azores are a natural layover for voyaging sailors and adventurous pilgrims.
    • Listening to his voice on the phone when I called on my layover in Dallas last night, I could tell without even seeing his face that he felt my loss in the same way, too.
    • Looks like it'll be tons of fun, as I have to transfer twice and I have a two-hour layover in Baltimore.
    • Based upon the schedule, that would have left me a layover of just 25 minutes in Patchogue.
    • Many of our nation's airports can be destinations unto themselves with live music, shopping, art and entertainment - all perks that make delays and layovers easier to handle.
    • The entire flight process takes about eight hours with layovers, so that's not a huge difference.
    • The president has already scheduled layovers in Latvia and Georgia, in part to recognize their progress toward democracy.
    • We had a six-hour layover in JFK, where our teacher told us not to go exploring and to stay put in the seating area near our departure gate.
    • Every flight left on time, some even arriving early, and there were no problems with any of our layovers or connections.
    • After a layover, I am supposed to land in San Diego about 7: 30 pm Pacific time.
    • Infections can be acquired en route, so layovers and intermediate stops should be identified.
    • I haven't done any neurology since medical school, so coming back to it was kind of like revisiting a foreign country in which you spent a brief layover en route to your real destination.