Translation of lead-in in Spanish:


introducción, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlidɪn//ˈliːdɪn/


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    introducción feminine
    lead-in to sth introducción a algo
    • Delete all commercials, long lead-ins and breaks - no other editing is permitted.
    • Some of the lead-in chapter introductions are very well done - I particularly liked the one on Organizational Transformation.
    • The lead-in time would allow directors bring themselves up to speed on the requirements of the bill.
    • The objective of the Genesis project is to reduce the lead-in time of setting up a business from three years to one year.
    • It gets the album started on a high-octane note, but no matter how scratchy the lead-in guitars are, the expensive production can't make it as excitingly raw as it would like to be.
    • After a lead-in period from last year, this means that from this year onwards, a grower who plants any seed potatoes, other than certified basic seed, is breaking the law.
    • On sale from next month, the new model arrives with an uprated specification list and a lead-in price of £18,513, a slight increase over its predecessors.
    • Bolton Council says there is a lead-in period until December 3 to obtain and start to use the new style book.
    • This is a useful lead-in for them because it allows them to show, visually, that their numbers really do go down.
    • It forms just one small part of the lead-in campaign to March 26, which, as we all know by now, is the first day of Scotland's smoking ban.
    • ‘Ultimately, the standing shoulder press is a great lead-in exercise for learning more advanced power moves such as push-presses and overhead squats,’ he says.
    • We needed a three-year lead-in period where the status quo remained.
    • Notwithstanding the short lead-in season, due to foot-and-mouth restrictions, entries for the National Carriage Driving Championships, starting today, are high, say the organisers.
    • Light railway is very expensive and has a longer lead-in time.
    • The longer-than-expected lead-in time will allow employers time to prepare for the full implementation of the regulations.
    • It has been a convention, if we are talking about conventions, that members are allowed a lead-in to a debate.
    • All patients began a reduced-energy diet at the onset of the placebo lead-in period and followed the diet for the first 52 weeks.
    • It's a powerful transition, and a smooth lead-in to characters who are now young men, 15 years later.
    • After the lead-in music played and the taping actually began, some of these barbs turned sharp.
    • The following sentences are the lead-ins for the multiple choice questions.