Translation of lead-up in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈlidəp//ˈliːdʌp/


  • 1

    lead-up (to sth)
    • campaigning is intensifying in the lead-up to the election la campaña se está intensificando a medida que se aproximan las elecciones
    • I had many such experiences at meetings and discussions in the lead-up to the referendum.
    • This was in the lead-up to the 1997 election, and, as you do, we'd talk about politics whenever it popped up on the radio.
    • The agreement also helped pave the way for crucial diplomatic and military co-operation in the lead-up to World War One.
    • The hesitancy and uncertainty that characterised the lead-up to this conflict has now been taken into the battlefield.
    • The lack of agreement on specific policy measures was underscored in the lead-up to the meeting.
    • It was in the lead-up to her marriage to Jonathan that she decided to quit her job as a primary school teacher in York and enter the wedding business.
    • About 20 children, along with some adults, took part to bring a smile to everybody in the lead-up to Christmas.
    • For the region's playgroups and nurseries it has been a feast of babies, bonnets and bunnies in the lead-up to Easter.
    • Throughout the lead-up to the event the different managers and the amounts pledged for each will be displayed in store.
    • Negotiations broke down at the end of what appeared to be a very amicable and positive period in the lead-up to these talks.
    • There was a real sense of occasion and celebration in the lead-up to the signing of the charter.
    • There are fears that the violence could get worse in the lead-up to the handover of power on the 30th of June.
    • That always looks good during the lead-up to a provincial election.
    • In the lead-up to the big race, we take a look at some of the legendary cars that have raced in Bathurst.
    • We are left with a deep and palpable sense of the class hatred that gained momentum in the lead-up to the coup.
    • Unfortunately, the lead-up to it deserved, if not the same level of urgency, at least something approaching it.
    • In the lead-up to a race I run through lots of scenarios and afterwards think about how I could have improved my performance.
    • And all this action was taking place in the lead-up to the last election.
    • Everything has gone quiet in the lead-up to the federal election but, once the poll is over, expect the talk to begin again.
    • There was a series of workshops and debates in the lead-up to the project's unveiling.