Translation of leader board in Spanish:

leader board

marcador, n.


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    (en el que se anotan la puntuación y los nombres de los que van a la cabeza de la competencia) marcador masculine
    • The leader board turned seriously weird on Saturday.
    • Every so often you hear about a tour player coming down the stretch not knowing where he stands on the leader board.
    • We added a leader board in the staging lanes that will help competitors keep track of how each of the seven divisions are doing in the team competition.
    • But as the final round unfolded, he found himself creeping up the leader board.
    • The quality of the course is reflected by the quality of the leader board.
    • At the British Open, he is not the leader, but he is on the leader board.
    • I liked the idea that mine was the last name they wanted to see on the leader board.
    • But quickly the names on the leader board were re-arranged.
    • The PGA didn't entirely belong to him the first two days, even though he was at the top of the leader board.
    • Although only two strokes out of the lead that Friday, he never made it either onto the leader board or into the interview room.
    • You can't imagine how hard it is to watch the leader board when you're that close to going home in a major.
    • Since his return from England, Len has been high on the leader board every week and he is now playing consistent golf.
    • And I wouldn't be surprised to see his name on a college-tournament leader board real soon.
    • But, as the names were going up on the leader board, it grew apparent what the day had in store.
    • He went out on a day in which he had to share equal billing with that fickle lady, Mother Nature, and finally got his score under par and his name on the leader board.
    • The first that comes to mind is 1960, when the last round began with as gaudy a leader board as you could wish for.
    • In division two both managed to keep their rounds together to tie at the top of the leader board with very creditable scores of 34 points.
    • It's hard to pin down the most amusing thing, but it has something to do with his name suddenly going up on the leader board.
    • A lesser man would have shuddered at the sight of his name at the top of the dreaded leader board after my three-under-par 67.
    • After leading by three shots, I disappeared from the leader board, but I was still enjoying myself.