Translation of leaflet in Spanish:


folleto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈliːflɪt//ˈliflɪt/


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    Printing folleto masculine
    Politics panfleto masculine
    promotional leaflet prospecto masculine
    • We have now produced a patient friendly leaflet which has proved quite a success.
    • The company formally apologised to the community and circulated a leaflet explaining what had happened.
    • According to the council's information leaflet the new day changed to Monday.
    • Of the 212 patients in group A, 106 received the patient information leaflet and 106 did not.
    • The mood was cheerful; protestors were busy singing, chanting, creating music and distributing leaflets to passers-by.
    • Just as important will be to leaflet every civil service workplace area.
    • There will be displays, T-shirts and no smoking information leaflets available at every checkout.
    • There is a Thai leaflet available with a map, or just take your chances and follow the roads.
    • I wish there had been a leaflet distributed or an advertisement campaign.
    • The council's transport and planning chiefs recently sent a consultation leaflet to every household in York asking for opinions.
    • They're distributing leaflets asking for any information about the bombers.
    • An information leaflet was distributed that described the aim of the study and explained that participation was voluntary and anonymous.
    • While there he was handing out campaign leaflets advising customers to start their own letter-writing campaigns.
    • Students are given talks and there is a wide range of booklets and leaflets available.
    • They will also call for a defence for those who distribute leaflets containing information they honestly believe to be true.
    • In addition she distributed information leaflets relating to the changeover and also Euro conversions.
    • Students were instructed to print the patient information leaflet and place a copy of it in their portfolio.
    • Police and prosecutors published a new leaflet advising the public how far they can go to defend their property.
    • For children below 16 years of age, the teachers distributed the information leaflets to parents, who were asked to provide written consent.
    • As protesters shared sandwiches and tea, police distributed leaflets detailing the Public Order Act.
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    folíolo masculine
    • The overlying thrombus had eroded and perforated the posterior mitral valve leaflet (white arrows).
    • The epidermal structure of these leaflets shows some similarities to that of flowering plants.
    • Additionally, they have shown that the sandwiched water layer between substrate and the bottom leaflet is highly structured.
    • In this image, systolic posterior displacement of the posterior mitral valve leaflet is clearly visible (arrow).
    • Lastly, in species with compound leaves the length of the largest leaflet was considered.

intransitive verbleafleting, leafleted

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    repartir folletos
    repartir panfletos

transitive verbleafleting, leafleted

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    (area) repartir folletos en
    (area) repartir panfletos en
    they leafleted the whole town repartieron folletos/panfletos por toda la ciudad
    • Residents in the surrounding areas have also been leafleted about what is proposed for the site and are being urged to write individual letters of objection to the council.
    • They had leafleted all around the area but we don't know if they were still delivering leaflets or had just gone for a ride when the accident happened.
    • At strategic points, activists leapt out of the cars to leaflet the streets.
    • Other labor and social justice activists leafleted at major retailers, educating consumers and criticizing executive indifference.
    • ‘Three of us have leafleted the council estate that I live on for a local meeting where people can discuss what we can do against war,’ she says.
    • Our future plans included attending Saturday's May Day march and leafleting an estate.
    • Health workers and council workers have been out leafleting the shopping areas and high streets.
    • Homes in the Witham area are being leafleted to encourage people to use a long-campaigned for new bus route to Broomfield Hospital - or face losing it.
    • It was doubly effective because we were leafleting the area our students come from.
    • In January we will start our election campaign by leafleting the entire ward.
    • And many of these people then leafleted the area.
    • Union activists are leafleting the less well organised branches encouraging people to vote for strike action.
    • He has leafleted the catchment areas of the two schools, which are a few minutes’ walk apart, with his plans.
    • The church had leafleted the area but sadly, yet again, there was no response.
    • Key wards were leafleted with anti-fascist papers and flyers.
    • On Friday there were 40 party members leafleting the area.
    • Members would leaflet a street one evening and knock on doors the next.
    • Union activists have been out leafleting and arguing with members to win the vote.
    • Tap the momentum of the big events to encourage supporters to leaflet their own areas and build support among people they know.
    • Residents in the area were leafleted about trees being cleared.