Translation of leak in Spanish:


gotear, v.

Pronunciation: /liːk//lik/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (bucket/tank) gotear
    (bucket/tank) perder River Plate
    (tank/bucket) salirse Chile Mexico
    (shoes/tent) dejar pasar el agua
    (tap) gotear
    the pipe leaks la cañería pierde agua (/ aire etc. )
    • the roof is leaking entra agua por el tejado
    • this pen leaks esta pluma pierde tinta
    • Schoolchildren learn this truth in their science classes: All containers leak.
    • If your container leaks onto the table too much when you water it, remove the umbrella and move the container to the patio floor.
    • Short-term methods of storage are unsatisfactory because containers leak and break open long before the wastes are safe.
    • The vessel was leaking, its engine failing and there was a large crack in the hull.
    • The upended containers leaked, but they held together.
    • One hundred people were evacuated from a village near York today after a storage tank leaked, releasing an explosive cloud of propane gas.
    • I got to work this morning and found that my lunch box had leaked into my bag, and there was pesto sauce from my pasta salad coating the inside of the bag.
    • Plumber number one tightened the fixing for the waste pipe - but two weeks later the bath was still leaking.
    • She passed cracks leaking steam that fogged her way.
    • I crawled back in bed, realizing that the roof was still leaking at an increasing rate.
    • The roof is also leaking badly, window frames and guttering are rotting and the interior is in urgent need of redecoration.
    • The petrol tank was leaking, and rags were soaked in the petrol on the ground and a lighted match applied.
    • ‘I keep these in my shed, so if the roof leaks on that, I'm screwed,’ he quips, before dissolving into kinks of laughter.
    • Nearly 20 per cent of the water pipes in the city leak and the 900,000 old toilets used in the city are estimated to waste millions of tons of water in a year.
    • Salvage and rescue workers who were rushed to the scene said one of the sunken acid containers was slowly leaking into the river.
    • This leading cause of blindness in the elderly occurs when excess blood vessels start leaking into the eye.
    • The fountain's stonework is crumbling, the bowl leaks and at the beginning of the winter the town council decommissioned it due to concerns over the effects of water damage and leakage.
    • Unfortunately, most of the coolers leaked so badly that we had to replace them.
    • The bite valve has no shut-off mechanism, so it's more apt to leak if accidentally squeezed.
    • The roof leaks so badly that we have to put a bucket under it.
  • 2

    (liquid) escaparse
    (liquid) salirse
    water had leaked through the ceiling había entrado agua por el techo
    • Gas could leak from the unsealed core, while working in water could also result in leakage.
    • A young man and teenage girl have died after poisonous fumes leaked from a gas boiler.
    • Had the gas leaked without igniting, the chances of a spark igniting all the gas at once would have been greater.
    • The gas leaked into the house through a manhole sewer system.
    • He later learned that exhaust gases were leaking into the cabin of his car.
    • Light seemed to just leak out from his pores when he smiled.
    • If oil had leaked into the ballast water, that would have been detected at Singapore / Malaysia.
    • He warned that the fetid water could spread disease and that natural gas was leaking all over town.
    • I could feel my blood pumping comfortably in my arteries and wondered why it didn't just leak out into nothingness.
    • The people who are left out in this system are like canaries that miners took with them; if poisonous gas were leaking into the mine, the canaries would sicken.
    • Holding her hand, he could feel sweat leak from his pores.
    • Now, the frigid water was leaking through that hole and causing not a little irritation.
    • They also saw water leaking down from cracks in the rock and abundant crystal.
    • This is from where, on the night of December 3, 1984, tons of poisonous gas leaked.
    • There was a serious danger to them because gas was leaking.
    • Look for dirty spots in your insulation, which often indicate holes where air leaks into and out of your house.
    • Pain shot up his arm as he felt something warm leak between his clenched fingers.
    • The explosion was the result of chlorine gas leaking from outmoded furnaces at the plant.
    • The epidemic of drowsiness was blamed on gases leaking from toxic waste dumped at the site.
    • Seven astronauts perished when hot exhaust gas leaked from one of the booster rockets, destroying the vehicle less than two minutes into the flight.

transitive verb

  • 1

    botar Latin America River Plate
    the car was leaking oil el coche perdía aceite
  • 2

    (information) filtrar
    the report was leaked to the press filtraron el informe a la prensa


  • 1

    (in bucket, boat, pipe) agujero masculine
    (in roof) gotera feminine
    the boat sprang a leak el bote empezó a hacer agua
  • 2

    (escaping liquid, gas)
    escape masculine
    fuga feminine
    a gas leak un escape de gas
  • 3

    (of information)
    filtración feminine
  • 4slang

    (act of urinating)
    to take / have a leak mear vulgar slang