Translation of leaky in Spanish:


agujereado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈliki//ˈliːki/

adjectiveleakier, leakiest

  • 1

    (container) agujereado
    a leaky pen una pluma que pierde River Plate
    • we've got a leaky roof tenemos goteras (en el techo)
    • If they'd fix one leaky tap that's been dripping for at least 9 years next to the church we'd probably save on a load of water expenses!
    • Like the ticking of an old clock or a leaky water tap, you get so used to it that it simply seems to disappear after a while.
    • While some patching had been done, the leaky roof is still cause for concern, she said.
    • We look at materials and design features that contribute to leaky buildings and some of the potential health risks of leaky homes.
    • There really is nothing behind his eyes but for a leaky roof dripping into a pale blue bucket.
    • A leaky valve and a tight schedule are causing NASA some headaches.
    • The town will be disturbed, therefore, to learn that the church is facing a £400,000 repair bill for its roof and leaky tower.
    • Reduce water consumption through conservation efforts such as fixing leaky taps.
    • The owners of leaky homes would be eligible for general damages, including compensation for mental distress and anxiety, under legislation debated by Parliament yesterday.
    • The repairs should take two to three weeks, and include installing new air conditioning, new plumbing and repairing a leaky roof.
    • If high levels of both molecules are found, it indicates a leaky gut condition.
    • Her home was no longer a Victorian style house with a two car garage, a temperamentally leaky roof, and a basketball goal.
    • That's hardly surprising given the salt spray and leaky roof in the current place.
    • One reason the law of leaky abstractions is problematic is that it means that abstractions do not really simplify our lives as much as they were meant to.
    • It is more comfortable and better looking than a leaky, hot concrete roof.
    • ‘It was embarrassing showing parents around the draughty old ones with their leaky roofs,’ he said.
    • I don't care about rotten window frames, leaky roof tiles, the magnolia paint in the hall, the dirty lino in the kitchen.
    • And the fire service has been asked for advice about a leaky tap.
    • Those leaky roofs, outdated books and peeling paint offer no attraction to young or aged readers.
    • If they ever have a problem - a leaky tap, a blocked drain or a broken washing machine - they need only to make a phone call to their managers and it will be sorted out.
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    (security) fácil de violar