Translation of leaseback in Spanish:


cesión-arrendamiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈliːsbak//ˈlisˌbæk/


  • 1

    cesión-arrendamiento feminine
    retroarriendo masculine
    • A sale leaseback or credit tenant lease program can be an effective way to reduce the negative impact of real estate ownership while simultaneously obtaining low-cost financing.
    • Sale and leaseback finance is now a standard element of the financing package for almost every qualifying film.
    • Sale and leaseback allows companies to free up capital tied up in their movable and immovable assets.
    • The Federal Acquisition Regulation Council has issued a final rule and a proposed rule relating to sale leasebacks and a final rule relating to post retirement benefits other than pensions.
    • Sale and leaseback financing is a unique and effective method for generating capital for your business needs.