Translation of least in Spanish:


Pronunciation /liːst//list/


  • 1

    she has the least money es quien menos dinero tiene
  • 2

    • 2.1(smallest, slightest)

      más mínimo
      the least little thing would upset him se disgustaba por la más mínima cosa / por lo más mínimo
      • I haven't the least idea where she is no tengo ni la más mínima idea de dónde está
      • without the least difficulty sin la menor dificultad

    • 2.2literary (lowest, humblest)

      más humilde


  • 1

    it's the least I can do es lo menos que puedo hacer
    • it's the least I'm willing to accept es el precio mínimo que estoy dispuesto a aceptar
    • Everyone knows what has to be done and how it is to be done with the least civil disruption.
    • Thomson's theorem states that electrically charged particles arrange themselves so as to have the least energy.
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    (in adv phrases)


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    least of all you tú menos que nadie
    • when you least expect it cuando menos te lo esperas
    • Let us assure you that this was the least political meeting we have ever attended.
    • I do no think he will feel the least uncomfortable for putting this line into his mouth.
    • Surprisingly, Freddie came out as the least bizarre of all of us on this, as what you see tends to be what you get with her.
    • This was, and still is, one of the least known of the wartime special regiments.
    • Those who are entitled to tax credits are the least able to afford this delay.
    • The Indian samosa is the lone vegetarian offering, and the least messy to eat on the go.
    • The first site is the biggest collection of jars in one place, but also somehow the least atmospheric.
    • As the drivers of old bangers are the least able to afford to invest heavily in a new car, this policy seems unfair.
    • The most virtuous of mothers can be putty in the hands of the least virtuous of sons.
    • The least treacherous way out of the impasse is a compromise that can be justified by the demands of the time.
    • She's just about the the least interesting character they've ever had in there.
    • Of all the tournaments in which the Scots will bid for glory this year, this may be the least prestigious.
    • Paragliders are not cheap, though they represent one of the least expensive ways to get into the air.
    • Why, then, do we continue to use the motifs of the Great War, the least defensible of all wars?
    • There is a perception that Milan have the least arduous route to the final.
    • Or maybe we could put all the most commonly used letters at the start and the least common ones at the end.
    • Not the least remarkable thing about the internet is that it is awash with altruism.
    • The scale has five levels with one being the least serious and five the most serious.
    • It also points out that Croydon's system is the least costly of the tram networks mentioned.
    • He seems sincerely to want to find something to warm to in the least likeable of his subjects.
  • 2

    John is the least intelligent John es el menos inteligente
    • the least expensive of the three el menos caro de los tres