Translation of lecturer in Spanish:


conferenciante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɛktʃ(ə)rə//ˈlɛk(t)ʃərər/


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    conferenciante masculine
    conferencista masculine Latin America
    • However, if you are not within this distance of a listed lecturer, you may still request a visit.
    • Please indicate the name of the lecturer, the topic, and the desired date of the visit to your organization.
    • Each lecturer has designated his or her topic for three different types of audiences.
    • I think you know, as a former law lecturer, what the defect in that question is.
    • In the spring, he will be a visiting lecturer in the religion department at Princeton.
    • These Fellowships are designed to encourage able young lecturers in chemical, petroleum or mechanical engineering to stay in the education sector in the early years of their career.
    • 71 grants of up to £6,000 have just been awarded to new lecturers to develop innovative research projects in the early stages of their independent research careers.
    • In 1953 he moved to Dundee, where he was appointed senior lecturer in medicine at St Andrews University.
    • The political background of the former lecturer in Marxist sociology was also more complex than the media reports suggested.
    • He was actively involved in teaching and was an honorary senior lecturer at Birmingham.
    • A similar plan was recently introduced to change the employment status of part-time lecturers.
    • He was also appointed honorary lecturer in clinical medicine.
    • He was appointed lecturer at the University of Paris in 1878 and then professor at Toulouse in 1879.
    • He was educated at Rugby and Christ Church, Oxford, where he became a lecturer in mathematics in 1855.
    • Peters said job descriptions among lecturers in the math department vary.
    • He'd love to be a guest lecturer at the school occasionally, maybe teaching creative non-fiction.
    • In 1846 and 1847 he was awarded mathematics scholarships at Balliol College where he became a lecturer in mathematics.
    • One of the lecturers in the department is a woman, so that's encouraging too.
    • The lecturers provide teaching materials in written and audio form.
    • The Department of Art History seeks to hire a part-time lecturer to teach the second quarter of our survey of Asian art.
  • 2British

    profesor universitario masculine
    profesora universitaria feminine
    profesor de universidad masculine
    profesora de universidad feminine
    he is a lecturer in French es profesor de francés / enseña francés en la universidad