Translation of ledger in Spanish:


libro de contabilidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɛdʒə//ˈlɛdʒər/


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    libro de contabilidad masculine
    • If double-entry accounting is the basis of a true accounting system, then the ledgers are the building blocks.
    • What follows is a list of Early National and Antebellum ledgers and day books from the North American manuscript holdings in the Department of Special Collections, University Libraries of Notre Dame.
    • After liberation he started a journey, working his way through the ledger and visiting every single man's family up and down the country, to confirm that their son or husband was dead and where, when and how it had happened.
    • Natural capital is a physical asset, like the roads or buildings listed on a city's ledger.
    • In respect of one option, he suggests that, on the tax side of the ledger, we could move towards a flatter tax structure.
    • She held out the ledger and spoke in a voice deliberately pitched too low to be overheard.
    • Designed for double-entry bookkeeping, our software has full sales, purchase and nominal ledgers.
    • Its design lets users establish as many distinct ledgers as are required, such as projects, expenses, accounts payable and accounts receivable.
    • In 1427 Domenico matriculated into the Arte del Cambio, the same guild that had deleted Zanobi's name from its ledger decades earlier.
    • These two ledgers were scanned and the optimized images imported.
    • The years covered by each of the ledgers, as well as the condition of each ledger, is discussed below.
    • Drawing on data, which includes the physical dimensions of the building, the house rules, and the ledgers of the workhouse, a realistic portrayal of inmates' daily experiences can be constructed and interpreted.
    • Under the four-leg bookkeeping method all transactions, both cash and non-cash, were recorded in the journals and posted to the ledgers using double-entry procedures.
    • If you want to have a look at these ledgers or the cash book hit one of the hotwords below.
    • On all sides there's no lack of evidence - letters, diaries, minutes, double-entries in ledgers - but less of it was in Scots, and more in the ‘common tongue’.
    • He says that a lot of other old artifacts like weights and measures and some bank ledgers were sent to the central museum in Calcutta.
    • There are times when items will go directly to the general ledger without any subledger posting.
    • Samuel Otis, the first Secretary of the Senate, began the ledger in 1791.
    • The official club ledgers could accurately be described as the DNA of Everton Football Club.
    • Batch transaction management ensures only balanced entries are posted to your ledger.