Translation of leech in Spanish:


sanguijuela, n.

Pronunciation /litʃ//liːtʃ/


  • 1

    sanguijuela feminine
    • Most of the leeches found in our lakes are parasites feeding on the body fluids of fish.
    • For over 2000 years, leeches were needlessly applied for many ailments as an adjunct to blood letting.
    • Once considered a symbol of the practices of medieval physicians, medical leeches have emerged as a useful component of certain modern therapeutic protocols.
    • The study also shows that wild European medicinal leeches are at least three distinct species, not one.
    • The rhynchobdellids are strictly aquatic leeches that have small, porelike mouths in the oral sucker.
    • But some of these operations might have failed if leeches had not been reintroduced into the operating room.
    • In 1833 alone, French doctors imported 41.5 million leeches - a measure of the prevalence of bleeding.
    • Tiger balm is great because it is easy to carry in your pocket, it's not messy and the leeches hate it.
    • And we don't get treated at the doctors with leeches anymore!
    • The leech is invaluable in microsurgery when faced with the difficulties of reattaching minute veins.
    • He says today's development economics is like eighteenth-century medicine, when doctors would use leeches to draw blood from their patients and half the time kill them in the process.
    • While at rest, the medicinal leech lies under large objects on the shoreline, partially out of water.
    • You get well, the leech gets fed, and everyone lives happily ever after.
    • Ever since doctors were using leeches, policy makers have been leveraging the threat of a medical crisis as a tool to change our minds.
    • In the mid-1970s leeches revolutionized the live-bait business in nearby Minnesota and Wisconsin.
    • It's a bit of a shame, especially as the leeches used for therapy sessions aren't your average leeches.
    • At the turn of the century, health care seems to have come light years from the days of leeches, country-side doctors and a lack of remedies for ailments such as polio, rubella and the German measles.
    • Like people, leeches do not always draw blood first time, and some have to be coaxed into biting.
    • He lay in his elaborately curtained bed dying of the fever and from the leeches the doctors attached to various parts of his body to suck his blood.
    • The key to identification of leeches covers several features, including the number and placement of the eyes.
  • 2informal

    sanguijuela feminine informal
    • These adversaries were leeches, cowards who feed on the weak and helpless.
    • Robby had always known that the business was filled with leeches and liars - confused, timid men and women whose only chance of achieving success was to latch onto someone who had been deemed successful by others.

intransitive verb


  • 1

    to leech on / upon sb chuparle la sangre a algn informal
    • to leech on / upon sth aprovecharse de algo
    • Those people who operate these servers… are parasites leeching off the creativity of others.
    • I've seen a few of the files on various torrent sites, they are being leeched on by the thousand.
    • What I was thinking of with Wyatt would be an ability to leech off anyone around him.
    • They are not to be manipulated or leeched off of for more than what they freely offer.
    • Is there a simple way that I can monitor traffic to see if any neighbors are leeching off of my connection?
    • If you want to leech off someone's Wi-fi to download the update, drive by my house and leech off mine.
    • It does the same thing, but instead leeches off of political opinions and events.
    • The main limitation I see is that society would not work if everyone leeched off it in this way.
    • Piggybacking or leeching on timely news is common as well, making it harder still to have any lasting impact.