Translation of leer in Spanish:


lanzar una mirada lasciva, v.

Pronunciation /lɪr//lɪə/

intransitive verb

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    lanzar una mirada lasciva
    to leer at sb lanzarle una mirada lasciva a algn
    • a leering grin una sonrisa lasciva
    • Maybe older guys wouldn't be leering at the girls all the time if the girls actually looked their age.
    • He turned slowly, expecting to see a legion of angry mermen leering down at him from behind pointed spears.
    • I know she wasn't actually leering at me, in particular, but that's how it seemed.
    • He shot up and saw the trespasser leering at him through the pane.
    • Kayla lifted her head from its comfortable position on Landon's body to find Todd leering at her.
    • Nikolas handed him money and stared as the old man leered at Dawn.
    • She stood with her hands braced firmly on her hips, leering into the trees.
    • The male models eyed them appreciatively, but to Aimée it looked like they were leering at her.
    • He whirled around to find an impossibly tall, cloaked figure leering ominously at them.
    • Wishing to keep her attention away from the man who was leering at her, Edmund struck up a conversation.
    • The other girl just shrugged and came a little closer, leering oddly at Kathleen.
    • Lil is standing at the counter waiting to order, and in the background Paul is leering at her from the table he is sharing with David.
    • He leered at me, and grinned through a veritable jungle of bad facial hair.
    • I looked up and saw the face of my coach, leering at me.
    • The assassin possessively slid an arm around the woman when he noted a few men were eyeing the pair, many openly leering at Nicole.
    • The walk was good and enjoyable even though she noticed the men leering at her as she turned down one of the back alleys.
    • He stared down at her and leered, his eyes filled with madness and lust.
    • He stood there a while, leering drunkenly, until the woman noticed him and let loose a scream.
    • A group of men were standing on the balcony, leering at girls and making inappropriate comments.
    • A drunk strange woman in the street leered at me, shouting, ‘What have you got there?’


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    mirada lasciva feminine