Translation of left-footed in Spanish:


zurdo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌlɛftˈfʊdəd/


  • 1

    (person) zurdo
    (kick) con el pie izquierdo
    • Reid is naturally left-footed, but he has played in a variety of positions with Forest.
    • This was beautifully illustrated during Euro 2000, where England didn't have a natural left-footed left back or winger.
    • The only naturally left-footed player with international pedigree is Ashley Cole.
    • A superb left-footed point by Benji O'Brien within seconds of the throw-in was quickly replied to by Jamie Doyle with a 20 metre free for Clonmore.
    • He might not be left-footed, but he's got such a good right foot, you could open a can of beans with it.
    • McFadden can play on the left, he is left-footed, and from this position he can move forward and score goals.
    • The 20-year-old is a left-footed winger, has turned out five times for his country's under-21 side, and netted a goal against Sweden.
    • But with Duff now gone, Souness is struggling to find a natural left-footed replacement and Mahon could end up saving his manager millions in the transfer market.
    • Being left-footed he gives a natural balance to any team, and in his favoured position of left-back he is constantly trying to link up with the front players.
    • Although not naturally left-footed, Thompson filled the void well on Tuesday night and Dolan in any case may decide against bringing Potter back so soon.
    • It put Mayo into the slenderest of leads with about 20 minutes remaining, an inspirational left-footed drive shining in the uninspired fare.
    • His passing is excellent and being so naturally left-footed, he gives the team a great balance by sticking to working up and down that channel.
    • Dave Unsworth stepped up to send a swerving left-footed free kick crashing past Preston keeper Teuvo Moilanen.
    • But on this occasion the Hungarian with a big appetite belied his hulking frame by taking the ball neatly on his chest and drilling a low left-footed shot into the bottom corner of the net.
    • His composure and distribution are complemented by the Corsican, a natural left-footed player.
    • If you tend to turn counter clockwise, you're right-footed; if you prefer clockwise, you're left-footed.
    • A short, stocky, fast, dribbling and left-footed goal-scorer, Mochini played left wing for Matlama FC, the capital's team.
    • Dyer is not naturally left-footed and it showed because he never got in behind Cafu.
    • His versatility and the fact he is naturally left-footed will give the squad more balance.
    • Alex will probably stick by David Partridge at left back because, unlike Jamie Buchan, he is naturally left-footed and he has a good, strong physique about him.
    • Mind you, it was my right foot and I'm left-footed.
    • Naturally left-footed, Southwell has now become one of the main kickers, for club and country, in defence and attack.
    • The 25-year-old, who has been in outstanding form for the Gunners, would certainly give England a much-needed left-footed option in midfield.
    • Seamus Farrell and Pa Kavanagh tied the teams before Brian Walker floated over a left-footed shot from an acute angle on the left for a dramatic win.
    • My own chief recommendation was that being naturally left-footed I could score goals with my inside foot when cutting in from the right.