Translation of left-hand in Spanish:


de la izquierda, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌlɛftˈhænd//lɛftˈhand/


  • 1

    (gatepost/column) de la izquierda
    in the bottom left-hand corner en el ángulo inferior izquierdo
    • the school is on the left-hand side el colegio está a mano izquierda
    • on the left-hand side of the road/page a la izquierda de la carretera/página
    • the car has left-hand drive el coche tiene el volante a la izquierda
    • The police report notes that there are left hand turn lanes going east and west on Mayfield.
    • Cross the stile and go around the left-hand side of the barn.
    • Some sensors for recording the temperatures in the hydraulic systems on the left-hand side of the spacecraft go offline.
    • Mark McGeown, the Airdrie goalkeeper, could only watch as the ball arced towards the top left-hand corner and in off the post.
    • Ian Harty broke down the left-hand side before finding McDonald in the area.
    • Some people have been forced to drive on the opposite side of the road because there is not enough room to get through on the left-hand side.
    • The country's flag has a light blue background with six stars on the left-hand side and one large yellow star in the center.
    • The bar at the left-hand side of the graph represents a traditional device.
    • On our right hand side is where cars were parked and there were no cars parked on the left hand side, which we were driving up.
    • It's about fascism, and you can see the links to the whole series in the left-hand side of his front page.
    • The traffic lights have been put in place so that a section of the left-hand side of the road coming into Athy could be cordoned off.
    • And my morning cough is starting to be a little painful in the left-hand side of my back, about half-way down.
    • It left the left-hand side of her face completely paralysed.
    • Korea win a free-kick on the left-hand side of Germany's box and win a corner.
    • Hedgerows and fields make up the left hand side of the path with the old canal on the right.
    • Its cushion can be folded under the seat on the left-hand side, and a console with cupholders and a storage box can be positioned in its place.
    • In the far left hand corner of that room was a staircase going up to the second floor.
    • As Well belatedly settled, the young defender lined up a free kick 25 metres out and curled it towards the top left-hand corner.
    • I'd often stare at the statue of Beethoven I kept on the left-hand side of my desk.
    • The track ends but continue downhill along the left hand side of a narrow field.