Translation of left-hander in Spanish:


zurdo, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈlɛft ˈˌhændər/


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    zurdo masculine
    zurda feminine
    • Years ago, it was thought that there was a connection between handedness and language, but current research suggests that right-handers and about 70% of left-handers utilise the left brain for speech.
    • And left-handers do conform, because they have to.
    • What do Canadians, left-handers, and libertarians have in common?
    • It's obviously on that side so that right-handed people can operate it - which made me wonder whether anyone makes watches for left-handers.
    • They were also, I noticed, utterly unusable for left-handers.
    • In a world where disadvantages are usually weeded out by natural selection, how have left-handers survived?
    • I suppose we can explain the left-handers by noting that creativity is usually a right-brain function, and left-handers are right-brained.
    • Therefore although both right-handers and left-handers put on their right shoe first (because of prominence to the right side), there is a difference with regard to tying their laces.
    • The game values left-handers overall and left-handed pitchers in particular.
    • The left-hander gave up two runs and six hits, striking out seven.
    • The fact that this most coveted world record has been held by left-handers for the last 47 years fuels the decade old theory that left-handers, as a rule, are more gifted than the orthodox right-handers.
    • International tournaments, divided into weight categories by 5kg, are open to left-handers, right-handers, men, women and the disabled.
    • There were several parallels between the two innings, the most notable being that both sides had Australian openers who plundered centuries and the first three batsmen in both teams were left-handers.
    • We want to educate designers and manufactures to accommodate left-handers ' comfort and safety in new product and building design.
    • It's easy to think of reasons of why there might be negative effects on left-handers because they are living in a right-handed world.
    • An angled nib means the writer can always see the writing - a particular boon for left-handers - and the hand stays in a better position, the inventor claims.
    • Directions are given for both right- and left-handers.
    • Right-handers will find a counter-clockwise motion easier, left-handers the reverse.
    • Yorkshire owed a big debt of gratitude to their three left-handers at Scarborough yesterday for giving them a chance of holding out for a draw against Somerset.
    • Lilly set a club record for strikeouts by a left-hander - the previous mark of 11 was accomplished twice by David Wells and once by Al Leiter.
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    izquierdazo masculine