Translation of left wing in Spanish:

left wing

Pronunciation ///ˈlɛf(t) ˈˌwɪŋ/


  • 1

    the left wing el ala izquierda
  • 2

    • 2.1Sport

      banda izquierda feminine
      ala izquierda feminine

    • 2.2(position)

      to play left wing jugar en la banda / el ala izquierda


  • 1

    (sympathies/ideals) de izquierda
    (ideals/sympathies) de izquierdas Spain
    (ideals/sympathies) izquierdista
    • In the longer term I would hope for a broad left wing alternative to the failed politics of the South.
    • He is a former left wing socialist and mass strike leader.
    • But he was careful to retain links with a layer of left wing trade union and party officials.
    • He dismissed as nonsense her claim that the march would be dominated by anti-government left wing political parties.
    • Mark was a rank and file activist and is a left wing socialist.
    • The former left wing socialist and strike leader got 47 percent of votes, almost double that of any other candidate.
    • I note that the members of left wing political parties tend to have side organisations which tend to factionalise.
    • At different times in Labour's history the party's left wing critics have been told they open the door to letting the Tories back in.
    • But when left wing Social Democrats refused to agree to united action the Communist leaders abandoned the attempt.
    • I haven't always been as left wing or even as political as I am now.
    • Of course socialists should always support left wing officials against the right.
    • Union activists and left wing officials told Socialist Worker it would be a disaster to become mesmerised by those talks.
    • The far left was also hit by the Socialist Party's appeal for left wing voters to unite behind it, as well as by its own disunity.
    • Many left wing political organisations in India talk about the need to organise among the working class, but then see elections as the best way of implementing their ideas.
    • It was a mass political event, with a very radical and left wing mood.
    • The grand coalition's programme marks a complete break with the SPD's election campaign, in which the party used left wing language to try to hold on to votes.
    • It was organised by the left wing Socialist Campaign Group of MPs.
    • Few bands as left wing as System of a Down have enjoyed the level of mainstream success achieved by this second generation Armenian quartet.
    • This is because union activist are more left wing than Labour party members and ordinary members are less likely to vote.
    • He's hoping the Communists will eventually play a part in some sort of broad left wing coalition government.